openstreetmapChances are you’ve already got a favorite street mapping site; and most of those work just fine for common needs, like directions and so forth.  But what if you have a mapping project that needs raw map data?  Then things get a little more complicated…and expensive.  OpenStreetMap has come to life in the style and spirit of the open-source Wiki community.  The goal: enable a community of empowered users to build a comprehensive street map database, with the resulting source data also freely available.  How does it work?  Well, if you just need to grab a quick map simply use the search bar just as you would on any other site.  To contribute street data, grab a GPS device and hit the road.  After doing a little exploring out in the real world return to OpenStreetMap and upload your ‘GPS trace.’  It’s pretty neat to check in and see the street data steadily expanding, and a fun way to contribute – especially if you’re already tooling around with GPS anyway.

As of this writing, supportable export formats include XML, Mapnik, Osmarender Image, and Embeddable HTML.

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U.S. Hospital Finder

hospitalfinderIn that space between dialing 911 to call for an ambulance and making a scheduled visit to see the doctor, is the occasional need to get yourself or a loved one to the hospital using your own vehicle.  Most of us probably already know where the nearest hospital is.  And others of us might otherwise do the natural thing which is punch it into Google (if say, we’re new to the area or happen to be out of town).  But there’s always a place for custom search engines and this a good example of one.  U.S. Hospital Finder will show you quickly where the nearest hospitals are and help you get driving directions via Google Maps.  At the search bar simply type in the city and state or, even easier, just punch in your zip code.  It’s a great way to look up phone numbers and other info as well.

Special thanks to Mr. Modem for this find.

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Morrowind Stuff

What you’ll find here: Downloadable Maps & PDF Guides for the PC Roleplaying game Morrowind, including a list of Recommended Mods, a Beginner’s Guide to Console Commands, links to other Morrowind Resources, recommended External Utilities and a personal collection of Tips & Troubleshooting help.

“Morrowind isn’t just a game; it’s an entire hobby unto itself”

– Fessic

Special Note: If this is your first time hearing about the game Morrowind please pause for a moment to read my post titled ‘What’s the deal with this Morrowind game.’  For those of us who played it back in the day, it was more than just your typical CRPG.

If none of the entries are visible down below click HERE.

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Printer Friendly Maps, National Geographic

Ever work on a project that called for a good printable map? They’re not as easy to find as one might think. Fortunately National Geographic has an excellent website for just such an occasion. Find a map for any geographic region, download it in PDF form or print it straight away. Content is neatly pre-formatted in black & white. A Great tool to have around when you need it.

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Maps of Morrowind

Empire of Tamriel – Morrowind may seem like a vast expanse of land when you’re exploring it on foot. But in reality it’s just a small province situated in the Northeast corner of a much larger continent. That continent is known as the Empire of Tamriel. Credit goes to Zeph (Carsten Flaake) for compiling this map.

Morrowind Travel Map – This Travel Map shows the fast-travel routes for all Boats, Mage Guilds and Silt Striders. It can definitely come in handy but isn’t intended for the more ‘purist minded’ roleplayers. If anyone knows who made this please let me know so I can credit them appropriately.

Map-O-Mods: Landmass Additions – A lot of mods either make significant changes to an area of the game world or in many cases introduce an entirely new landmass to Vvardenfell. Sometimes these additions can overlap, leading to minor conflicts if not addressed ahead of time. This helpful map tries to show where some of those overlaps occur. Created by Cryonaut.

Original Maps – These are the original maps that shipped with the core game and each Morrowind Expansion; scanned, stitched and un-seamed by Raptormeat.

A much more extensive collection of maps (and tomes) can be found at The Imperial Library.

To view the entire contents of this folder click HERE

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