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Indie game developers, please note that I haven’t done game reviews since 2009 and, even in its previous state, “Gaming Press” wouldn’t have been the best description of what I do.  This blog is better thought of as a curated collection of games, movies and such, which means that there probably is something significant about the thing in question, such as historical relevance or an appeal to my sentiment.  Is your game unique or innovative enough to consider?  Perhaps.  But then I don’t play video games nearly as much these days.  After all is said, hopefully the criteria by which I measure commercial release titles and free/open source creations has been taken into account.

Oh.  One other little thing.  I wouldn’t guess that my favorites lists generate as much traffic from the public as they do from fellow curators, would-be historians, curious passersby and, quite likely, other game developers.  Thought you might want to know.

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