U.S. Hospital Finder

hospitalfinderIn that space between dialing 911 to call for an ambulance and making a scheduled visit to see the doctor, is the occasional need to get yourself or a loved one to the hospital using your own vehicle.  Most of us probably already know where the nearest hospital is.  And others of us might otherwise do the natural thing which is punch it into Google (if say, we’re new to the area or happen to be out of town).  But there’s always a place for custom search engines and this a good example of one.  U.S. Hospital Finder will show you quickly where the nearest hospitals are and help you get driving directions via Google Maps.  At the search bar simply type in the city and state or, even easier, just punch in your zip code.  It’s a great way to look up phone numbers and other info as well.

Special thanks to Mr. Modem for this find.

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