About me

Status: Married
Age: That time in life when pop-culture references sort of breeze past you at fairly steady interval
Real Name:
Education: Some amount of life experience, one or two of those degree ~ things (they are awfully expensive aren’t they?)
Profession: Connoisseur of Simple Pleasures

Interests: Science, technology, sociology, foreign affairs, industrial design, computers, filmmaking, conservation/sustainability, video games, AI theory, and good conversation among other things
Also Enjoys: Quiet walks, reflective solitude, the occasional game of chess or pinball, animals, good movies, writing, thinking about ways to make stuff better, compiling lists of things


Q&A Format

Are you a giant with a gift for rhyme?  Yes, yes, some of the time.  I mean no, that good chap is known by the name “Fezzik” and hails from Florin (or thereabouts).  I am much smaller and do more than dog-paddle.  No more rhymes now I mean it.

What’s your favorite book?
Well let’s see.  Two stories that come to mind, both a joy and pleasure to read are The Railway Children (1906) by Edith Nesbit and The Swiss Family Robinson (1813) by Johann Wyss.  Another that I have found in particular to be succinct and illuminating is More Than a Carpenter (1977) by Josh McDowell.  Oh, and pretty much anything written by James Herriot.

Who’s your favorite musician or group?
Do I have to pick just one?  Glancing through my music folder it looks like the most heavily represented artists include: Natalie Merchant, Alan Jackson, Bryan Adams, U2, George Strait, Bruce Springsteen, Enya, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Kenny G, Mandy Patinkin, Jeff Oster, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nicholas Gunn, Yanni, The Cranberries…and a handful of songs from many others.

Is there a singer-songwriter who most resonates with you?  That’s a toss-up between Natalie Merchant and Tracy Chapman.

What if you were a song?
Interesting.  Hmm; probably “Everything” by Alanis Morissette.

What’s your favorite movie?
I could never possibly choose just one.

What’s your favorite food or cuisine?
Pretty much anything healthy, tasty, uncomplicated and not derived from an inhumanely treated animal.

Cats or Dogs?  Let me put it this way. Cats are basically the male species taken to its logical extreme: clever, ego driven, emotionally stilted and hopelessly self-centered. Oh wait. Nevermind.

What’s your favorite sport?
I find that changes rather often.  Lately, it’d have to be Women’s World Cup Soccer.  I’m terribly fond of the Olympic Games (a huge fan of good sportsmanship).  My previous simple answer to the question would probably have been Baseball or Hockey.

Politics?  I think I can summarize by saying that the problems in this country are greater than any one elected individual can hope to fix, or any single political party resolve on its own.

Are you attractive?
That depends on you.

Are you cool?  I think someone thought I was cool once.  But they might have been looking at someone else.

Are you… like, hip to tha jive?
I know that in order to mix chemistry I am supposed to swipe right, or left, but couldn’t honestly say which way is the correct and proper way.  I see people staring fixedly into little devices but am never entirely sure it’s increasing their happiness quotient.

Who is your hero (real or fictional)?   I don’t know if hero is the right way to put it, but there are those persons whom I admire: Richard Wurmbrand, Charles Ingalls – as portrayed by Michael Landon, all people the world over who give and serve from the heart… even when there is no recognition to be gained from it.

If you were a fictional character who would you be?
Is this more about who would I be if I could freely choose? Or, which character am I most similar to?  If the former then… hmm, maybe – oh.  Okay, if the latter then… wait.  Oh dear.  I think this would make for a better conversation than a Q&A type thing.

Who’s your favorite Star Trek character?
That depends on the away mission.  But more than likely the party would consist of Tuvok, Torres, Worf and Dr. Crusher.

What if you absolutely had to choose just one?
For the away mission or as my favorite?

Ga!  Ok, fine…the Awaaaaay mission.
In that case it would probably be Data or Picard.

Alright then.  Who would you most want to hang out with in Ten Forward?  A lot of people, but most of all Riker, Geordi, Data, Neelix, Troi and O’Brien.  Of course the jokes and good humor won’t be nearly as fun without Worf and Ro.

Hogwarts.  Which House?
I had a feeling this was coming.  Right.  Well, the Sorting Hat can’t seem to determine whether I should be placed into Slytherin or Ravenclaw so… I’m supposing I’d end up in the latter.  What’s that?  Ah, you thought I was going to say Gryffindor.

Okay then, Middle Earth.  Which character are you? 
None who are known by name; but on this I am fairly certain.  In that world I would have been an elf who, never quite fitting in with the rest, ends up running off with a female Hobbit in the hopes of finding contentment, companionship and a bit of solitude.

So you fancy yourself as one of these ‘intellectual’ types then?
I’m intelligent enough to be able to recognize persons of notable intellect (in its many forms), which means [for reasons beyond the scope of the question] I’m also able to see past the personal branding that so often tries to fill the gap.  But consider this: being super smart doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll like you more.

(Or take it the other way around).

What was the most significant event in your life?
I’ve often wondered about that…

Didn’t I know you back in the day?  That’s fine; although for the most part that person you once knew no longer exists.

What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?
Explore the ocean in a deep-sea submersible.  Swim (in the wild) with whales and dolphins.  And so many others…

Are you good?  Do you think so?  I think probably no.  But then again there’s this so, make of it what you will.


Further Insights

Despite having a fairly good handle on the social significance of these platforms I have chosen not to be on Facebook…

…and I have never tweeted.

As it happens I also do not take selfies and no longer pose for photos, which isn’t to suggest that selfies are bad (but then again).


You are really into Video Games.
It’s true.  Video games started out as a childhood joy that evolved into a passion that has stayed with me throughout my life.  These days (as time permits) I enjoy researching and playing quality games all along the continuum, resulting in some discoveries most casual players have probably never experienced or heard of.

What’s the deal with this Morrowind Game?
I’ve written a special post intended to answer that very question.

Closing thoughts.  I’m an introverted, at times contemplative person who always has something on his mind or in the works.    To put it another way I tend to exhibit heavily the characteristics of a polymath.  I enjoy tinkering with my various projects, writing …thinking… or simple conversation in the company of decent people who don’t feel as though they have to prove something.

[Insert Recent Photo Here]

By the way.  Life…It’s not a competition.

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