Morrowind Mod Screenshots

During its day I had more fun collecting and playtesting user- created mods than actually playing through the game, evidenced by the fact that my character never did get very far along the main storyline.  Still, those brief and sporadic play sessions (which typically involved wandering the countryside and otherwise exploring places my lowly character had no business investigating) …were a lot of fun too.

Special Note: If this is your first time hearing about the game Morrowind please pause for a moment before you continue and read my post titled What’s the deal with this Morrowind game.  This post was written just for you, especially the brief section toward the end, A Special Note to Parents and Casual Gamers.


…I tend to fall into the category of people who would rather see a screenshot before they download a mod. Sure it’s fun to discover things for the first time in-game, but you’ve got to go through a lot to get to that point. Personally it just doesn’t make sense to download, clean, install, recreate merged lists, update save files, then try to go find whatever it is the mod added…only to discover that it’s not what you hoped for in the first place. Maybe you feel the same way? If so this folder was made for you.

The main purpose of this collection is to highlight the mods featured in Fessic’s Mod List.  Believe me, it just wouldn’t be practical to try to do screenshots for every Morrowind Mod – I’d never get to play the game! Even so, there’s a good chance you’ll find something here you probably haven’t seen before.

You’ll notice right away that the mods have been sorted alphabetically; but if you already know which one you’re looking for try plugging its name into the search bar in the upper right column, above the “Feed Reader Topics” line.  Some of the screenshots hosted here were originally taken by the mod creator, and in these cases hopefully I’ve remembered to give them credit.  Lastly, not all mods are conducive to screenshots, such as the many excellent gameplay enhancements (or tweak mods).

Let me emphasize that the real credit for what you see here belongs to Bethesda & all the Modders and Artists out there whose talent and dedication have given us all an open-ended fantasy world to explore & enjoy for a long time to come.  Thanks everyone – especially those of you who’ve worked to keep Morrowind free from unnecessary immature content.

Click HERE if you don’t see the screenshots below

For maps, guides and other stuff click HERE

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A Flock of Seagulls

I Love this one.  Thanks guys.

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Abandoned Well at Dagon Fel

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Adamantium Armor

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Alchemy Merchant

Note: This mod conflicts with “Chapels of Vvardenfell”

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Ald-Redaynia Extended

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Amaya House

Note: Screenshots taken by mod author morrowind4life

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Am-Ru’s Retreat

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Area Effect Arrows

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Argonian FirstGuard Armor

Note: Screenshot taken by mod author Zenorf

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