A Song for You World

People who are realistic (call them Pragmatic if you wish) know that it won’t ever happen.  And yet, somehow, deep within, many of us understand the value in never letting go of the hope…of what could be…how the world could be…if it really wanted to.

To those people who understand, I dedicate this song.

I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” performed by Lea Salonga.  Writing credits to William Backer, Roger Cook, Roger Greenaway, and Billy Davis.

Thank You Lea (for giving us a wonderful version of this song)

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The World of Mr Toast

world-of-mr-toastMr Toast lives in a simple world, with simple problems, pleasant pastimes and a fun cast of endearing characters.  It’s hard to resist the charming art style of Mr Toast and friends as they go about their lives in nicely illustrated single-frame comics, brought to you by the talented Dan Goodsell.  A visit to the website will instantly transport you to another world reminiscant of a children’s book (that’s fit for all ages).  I recommend starting out in the Comics section, which takes you on journey through the many adventures of Mr Toast and his good pal Joe the Egg, who meet up with several other interesting characters along the way.  From there you can explore some of the other art, animations and offerings featured on one of the most pleasant landing pages I’ve seen in a while.

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Convert World

convertworldThere’s no shortage of online conversion tools out there, but Convert World gets an honorable mention for having a clean and intuitive interface.  Everything’s right there on the landing page when you need it.  Enter your units and watch as the conversion takes place instantly without the need for a page refresh.  This thing is no lightweight either; have a special conversion need?  They’ve probably got the tool you’re looking for.  Plus, you gotta love their support for 28 languages, which is a pretty good sign of their committment to this extremely helpful tool.  Thanks clubcreatif.

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Living in an Imperfect World

“The world is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel”

Horace Walpole

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CIA World Factbook

For those who didn’t know it we’re living in the Information Age.  It’s no longer in short supply, the trick now is getting quick access to credible information when you need it.  In this regard few sites compare to the CIA World Factbook.  If you’re looking for down and dirty info on any country in the world this is the place to go.  A great student resource and all around excellent tool.

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Official U.S. Time

Raise your hand if you still call in for the time. Ok, now put your hand down, grab your mouse and head on over to the Official U.S. Time site, where you can not only get the current time but see what parts of the world are sleeping.

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Printer Friendly Maps, National Geographic

Ever work on a project that called for a good printable map? They’re not as easy to find as one might think. Fortunately National Geographic has an excellent website for just such an occasion. Find a map for any geographic region, download it in PDF form or print it straight away. Content is neatly pre-formatted in black & white. A Great tool to have around when you need it.

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