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Maps of Morrowind

Empire of Tamriel – Morrowind may seem like a vast expanse of land when you’re exploring it on foot. But in reality it’s just a small province situated in the Northeast corner of a much larger continent. That continent is known as the Empire of Tamriel. Credit goes to Zeph (Carsten Flaake) for compiling this map.

Morrowind Travel Map – This Travel Map shows the fast-travel routes for all Boats, Mage Guilds and Silt Striders. It can definitely come in handy but isn’t intended for the more ‘purist minded’ roleplayers. If anyone knows who made this please let me know so I can credit them appropriately.

Map-O-Mods: Landmass Additions – A lot of mods either make significant changes to an area of the game world or in many cases introduce an entirely new landmass to Vvardenfell. Sometimes these additions can overlap, leading to minor conflicts if not addressed ahead of time. This helpful map tries to show where some of those overlaps occur. Created by Cryonaut.

Original Maps – These are the original maps that shipped with the core game and each Morrowind Expansion; scanned, stitched and un-seamed by Raptormeat.

A much more extensive collection of maps (and tomes) can be found at The Imperial Library.

To view the entire contents of this folder click HERE

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