PalmPilot Freeware

Most of the free apps in this collection should run in Palm OS versions 2 through 5, also known as Classic Palm Operating System. Hardware examples are the m100 on the low end and the Treo 680 near the high end. For a brief time owners of the original Palm Pre and other devices running webOS 1.4.5 or lower were able to run these under an emulation platform called Classic. Unfortunately, with the release of webOS 2.0 support was dropped for the Classic emulator.  Still, devices live on.

There’s a treasure trove of Free PalmPilot software out there just waiting to be discovered. Over the years I’ve done a bit of digging and found a handful of special gems. Quality freeware designed especially for Palm PDAs and select Treo Smartphones. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, rather it’s a small collection of only the best that Palm Freeware has to offer. My personal thanks to all the hardworking and generous developers out there who’ve really produced some outstanding games, apps and utilities.

Download the Palm app collection (57 files, 1.8 MB zip)

File descriptions are below.

Accident Log – Getting into a car accident can be a harrowing experience. Use this app to help ensure you take down all the proper information (you may just thank yourself later on). Developed by pdasoftnet.

AppView – Get detailed information on each of the installed apps on your Palm Pilot. More importantly, you can use this utility to change the display name of an app to suit your preference or so that it fits better on the screen. Developed by Rogue Productions.

Artelope is a portable drawing pad for those times when you need to jot down a phone number, or just feel like doodling. Vary the pencil thickness, choose custom colors, and even add text directly onto your sketch pad. This quality application was developed by Josh Goldfoot.

Average Calc – This helpful little utility will help you find the average of up to 16 numbers. Developed by Marcus Desireau.

Big Time – Now you can quickly see what time it is in London and Tokyo (or any other major city) in addition to your local time. Big Time displays your time along with two other cities that you choose from a list. Developed by Kok Tong Woo.

Blocks – Everyone knows Tetris; and thanks to Electron Hut we can play a faithful recreation of it on our Palm devices.

Chess Clock – Hands down the best Chess Clock out there. Use default time settings or set individual times for each player and save it to a profile. Pause & restart any time even after you turn off the handheld. Developed by OrbWorks, Inc.  Visit homepage.

Code Cracker – Based loosely on the game Mastermind, Code Cracker is a game that tests your deductive reasoning skills. Can you crack the code? Developed by Jeff Brown. Visit the homepage.

Crosswords – Fans of Scrabble will appreciate this faithful recreation of a household favorite. This one supports Hi Rez screens, offers good computer AI and is packed with helpful features like Hint, Juggles and Trades. You’ll need to download the Crosswords Dictionary file (below) in order to play. Great work by developer Eric House.  Be sure to install the dictionary file along with the main app.  Visit the official homepage.

Cryptor is a Free Password Manager that stores and protects your usernames and passwords using Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA). First, set up your password. Then, when you launch the application you’re presented with the image of a safe and a keypad. Enter your password correctly to access your usernames and passwords. Developed by Laurent Wibaux.

DateDiff – In the words of the developer, “Ever wonder how long you’ve been alive, down to the day? What about the precise amount of time since you met (or married) that special someone? How long ’till your next anniversary? DateDiff is a simple program that allows the user to find out how much time has elapsed between any two dates, either in terms of days, months or years.” Take a guess before you use this app; you might just be surprised at the results. Developed by Robert Watkins.

Due Yesterday – If you’re a serious High School or College Student then this app may be a life saver. Keep track of your classes, teachers, building & room numbers. My favorite feature lets you prioritize your homework assignments and even set alarms for those really crucial ones. Oh, and there’s a nice calendar feature as well that automatically displays your class schedule. Developed by nosleep software.

ezReset – Every once in a while you find yourself in a situation where you need to reset (or reboot) your Palm device. Instead of having to dig through the manual looking for the secret button combo simply launch this app and press the Reset button. Presto! This one gets an A+ for simplicity and convenience and a big thanks to Igor Kanel.

FileZ is the ultimate file utility for the uber organized power user (you know who you are). This robust program will let you drill down to detailed system information and file attributes, edit an app’s name or discover which files are associated with it. A good one for keeping your system clean and organized, though not recommended for the average user. By nosleep software.

Free Checking – After searching and searching for a decent checkbook app I finally came across this great one from Iota Handworks. Unlike other bulkier (and more expensive) apps this one performs one simple function and does it well, it’s a checkbook ledger. Great for people like me since I never have my checkbook with me, but always have my Palm. Plus, no need to carry a pen or calculator. Oh and it makes balancing a breeze. Huge Thanks to Paul Randall for this one.

FreeCurrency – Once again there are many Currency Converters out there, yet none match the flexibility and simplicity of this freeware version. FreeCurrency let’s you customize any currency to keep up with the current exchange rate. Further, you can keep or exclude those that don’t interest you so it’s perfect no matter where you are. The interface is clean and straight-forward. Developed by Josh Goldfoot.

FreeJongg – For those that don’t know Mahjong try to imagine pictured tiles spread out and stacked on top of one another. The goal is to find matching tiles. When you find a pair you can remove them from the board… but only if they aren’t trapped by other tiles. It’s an old Chinese puzzle game still enjoyed by people around the world. Thankfully, this one features a shuffle feature for when you get stuck. Developed by William Osborne.

Gamer’s Die Roller – This is a special app for people who play board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Gamer’s Die Roller is great for those occasions when you forgot to bring your dice with you or just don’t feel like doing all the calculations. I’ve tried a lot of “Dice Roller” programs but this one gets it right with a clean interface that’s easy and fun to use. Developed by Art Dahm.

Hardball – Similar to the classic game Breakout this iteration is a little more forgiving, and probably a little more fun because of it. Slide the paddle left and right as you try to clear all the bricks using the bouncing ball. From Alexander Pruss.

iRogue – The legendary Rogue comes to the classic Palm OS thanks to the work of Bridget Spitznagel (and of course the many creative programmers upon whose source material this port is based).  Never heard of “Rogue” before?  Well, to sum it up, Rogue is something of an historically significant video game about a brave hero who plunges the depths of a dastardly dungeon in search of a mythical artifact.  Along the way you’ll encounter untold nefarious traps and monsters and magical items & potions, equipment and weapons all meant to help or hinder your progress.  Sounds pretty straightforward right?  One might be tempted to think so at first, similar to the way one might be tempted to dismiss this quirky little gem for its antiquated visual presentation.  But, as generations of rogues have come to discover there’s much more going on underneath that ASCII-based veneer.  Uncovering the many secrets to the game is at least half the fun.  Visit the official homepage or discover Rogue for Windows by Geoff Dunbar.

Jump Wire is a frantic game that has you connecting segments of wire before the timer runs out. Try to make a connection between the positive and negative blocks by rotating straight and bendy pieces on the board. Developed by Rob Mensinger.

Khronos Stopwatch – What more is there to say, it’s a Stopwatch! Khronos does exactly what it says, nothing more and nothing less, as it should be. Developed by Alex Garza.

Less Than Zero – No, it’s not a movie.  This one is an Egg Timer, Tea Timer, Alarm Clock.  Sometimes you just need a quick reminder for things like hmm, changing the laundry over before someone piles it on top of the machine. With Less Than Zero you can quickly and easily set an alarm for later in the day, or later in the week if need be. This one gets an A+ for simplicity and usefulness. Developed by Maurizio Moretti.

Lexi – As the author puts it, “Lexi is the free flash card program that helps you to study any topic, anywhere, at your pace.” The best part is you can use the Lexi Creator desktop utility to create your own sets. As you test yourself Lexi will keep track of which ones you miss and help you focus on the tough ones. Visit the official website to download sample packs such as English Vocabulary, Math and US Capitals. Developed by Peter Mosimann.  Visit the official homepage.

Lines – For those not already familiar with this one Lines is a surprisingly addictive and challenging puzzle game where you try to line up tiles in order to remove them from the board. You can move them around as you will but beware, every time you make a move three more tiles appear on the board ~ so you’ve gotta make every move count. Line up five in a row diagonally, horizontally or vertically. This free contribution from Dmitri Kornilov is a great alternative to pricier commercial versions.

Liquid Ruler – Do easy conversions between US Standard and Metric measurements using this extremely useful app. It covers Area, Length, Fluid, Temperature and Weight. By StylusTap.

Loan Calculator – A lite but very handy little loan calculator. Use it for car or house payment estimations. From Bob Fagioli.

Loan Helper – Written specifically for car loans; keep this little app handy for when you go hunting for that next auto. Now you don’t have to wonder where the dealer’s coming up with those payment estimates.  Heck, it may even help you negotiate better (then again probably not).  Better to get a decent used car.  Developed by Shrike Software.

Marbles Squared is a puzzle game that has you tapping clusters of blocks in the hopes of clearing the board. The only problem is every time you clear a cluster several of them shift around. Clearing the entire board is not easy but you’ll have a lot of fun trying. Developed by Remy Sharp.

Mass Transit – If you’ve ever tried reassigning a bunch of contacts to new categories then you know how time consuming it can be… open the Contact, select Edit, select on Details, click the Drop Down etc. With Mass Transit that grind is over. As soon as you launch the app it brings up a list of all your Address Book Contacts. Simply check the box next to every name you want to move, select the new Category and Bam, you’re done. A simple app that saves a lot of hassle. Great work by Matthew Moss.

MathAce – When it comes to learning math having the right tool is essential. Otherwise you just won’t be motivated to study. That’s where MathAce comes in. It’ll quiz you on Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication or all of the above. Have you ever played Brain Age for Nintendo DS? Scores are even saved so you can see how well you improve over time. By Brian Schau.

MediaMan – If you’re a movie connoisseur like I am you’re gonna love this handy little app. Keep track of all your movies, DVDs, videos …basically your entire media library. It even lets you add notes, ratings and keep track of who’s borrowing your copy of “To Have and Have Not.” Developed by Sean Trabosh.

MineHunt – Improving on the classic Windows game Mine Sweeper is this fun freeware title from Alexander Pruss. It features clean Hi Rez graphics and smooth automatic scrolling over the large playfield. Another classic from a talented developer.

Obfuscate – I love apps that do one thing and do it well. Obfuscate generates a list of all the pre-loaded applications on your Palm and lets you pick ones you want hidden (since they can’t be deleted). This way your Home page doesn’t need to be cluttered with icons and applications you never use. It’s a simple tool that helps you customize your Palm, keeping it clean and orderly. Well Done. By Pocket Science. Visit the official homepage.

OpenChess – A must have for Chess enthusiasts, this one has it all: GNU Chess Engine, 10 difficulty levels, hint feature, full screen mode, Opening Moves trainer and more. No one should have to pay for the greatest game of all time, and thanks to Olaf Richter you don’t have to.  Visit the official homepage.

Owner – The philosophy behind this tiny little app is almost genius. It assumes that if you lose your Palm, and someone inexperienced (and honest) were to find it, they probably wouldn’t know how to drill down to the owner information. With Owner that issue is resolved. It places an icon at the top of the list so that when someone turns on the PDA it’s the first one they’ll see, instantly revealing your contact info. Mike McCollister, official homepage.

PDA Check – This is a great little utility for locating key information about your Palm Pilot. Quickly view information on the Battery, Display, HotSync, Memory, Palm OS, Processor, ROM and Vendor.  Developed by Howard Lee.  The official homepage.

Pegged – Also known as Peg Solitaire this is a classic game that has you trying to eliminate wooden pegs one by one. There are multiple puzzles to solve and you can even customize the marbles to suit your taste. For the greatest challenge of all try to beat the Solitaire board. Developed by Alexander Smirnov.

Pilot Memory – Everyone remembers memory right? Well if not then now’s your chance to whip that pooped out mind of yours back in shape. It’s the classic card matching memory game, only this time using Palm related pictures & icons. A great one for kids and adults alike. By Collin Mulliner.  Visit the official homepage.

PilOth – It’s Othello for the Palm. Just as it says on the box, “Minutes to learn…a lifetime to master.” Don’t let the simplicity of this game fool you it is no piece of cake. Don’t believe me? Try it out on one of the harder difficulty levels if you dare. Attention to detail and good AI make this another hidden treasure. Developed by Fabien Letouzey.

The beauty of QuickPhone is in its sheer simplicity. Basically it’s a much better (and more reliable) way of entering phone numbers when you’re in a hurry. Just tap numbers on a giant keypad and click the Add button; a new entry goes instantly to your Address Book (you can fill in all the details later). Definitely a good icon to keep on your Palm’s main page. Developed by John Yaggie.

QuickTip – There’s a lot of Tip Calculators out there to be sure. But QuickTip wins my award for simplicity and good design. If you and your dining buddies don’t mind splitting the bill evenly this is the only Tip Calculator you need. Developed by Carl Quick.

SciCalc – So far every other Scientific Calculator I’ve run across requires that you install extra support databases in order for them to function. Not so with SciCalc. Simply install the prc and calculate away. This one gets points for simplicity and efficiency. Now all it needs is a slight upgrade in the graphics department. Developed by voidware. Visit the official homepage.

Simon Sayz – If you’re old enough to remember Simon Says then you probably also remember how dastardly that game could be. Repeat the pattern…simple right? Sure, until the thing starts getting faster and longer as if to taunt your feeble human memory capacity. Well, now’s your chance to relive those happy days. Developed by Jody Gustafson.

Smart Pass – Most people realize by now that simple passwords like “bradpitt” or “JLoIsCool” just aren’t gonna cut it. Yet on the other hand it can be difficult to come up with a strong password using characters & numbers (like we know we should). That’s where Smart Pass comes in. Built for one purpose alone this little app will generate a proper password with the click of a single button. Developed by Trinfinity Software.

Sol Free Solitaire – Not only is this one of the best freeware Solitaire games but it’s one of the best Solitaire games period. Hi-Res graphics, 5 different game types to choose from, clear instructions, smooth dragging and dropping. It’s all here thanks to developer Smallware.  Visit the official homepage.

Space Trader – Explore the galaxy. Trade with Merchants (or pillage them). Square off against Space Pirates. Smuggle Goods and try to outrun the Galactic Police. If you’re a fan of trader games then you’ve probably already heard of Space Trader; if not then this is your chance to discover one of the funnest games ever made for the Palm. Start off as a humble trader and earn your way to fame and fortune in this timeless classic. By Pieter Spronck.

Space Weight – Ever wondered how much you might weigh if you traveled to Mars? Or what about Neptune? Space Weight has the answer. Just plug in your weight here on Earth and find out instantly what you would weigh on any planet in the solar system. Developed by Rodrigo Marban.

Tie – Never forget how to tie (a Tie) again. That’s the idea behind this brilliant app. And if you do happen to forget, or just want to learn a few new styles then you’ll always have clear instructions right at your fingertips. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions and images; made for the Tie Challenged by Marcelo Henriques.

Timbiriche – Don’t let the name confuse you. This is a game most of us played as kids. Start with a grid of dots; then each player takes a turn drawing a line. When someone creates a box they get one point. Play against the computer or up to four of your friends. A fun classic developed by Gonzalo Mena-Mendoza. Supports English, Spanish and Portuguese.  The official homepage.

TimeAdd – What do you get if you add 5:34, 10:20, 3:31 and 9:49? With TimeAdd you can find out in just a few seconds. This handy little calculator was designed specifically for adding or subtracting time. Sure you could do it with a regular calculator, but who wants to spend the energy doing the conversions. With TimeAdd it’s a snap. Developed by Christian Bensch.

Tipsy – Split a bill, calculate the tax, even save a profile for each of your dining partners. The most unique feature of Tipsy however is that it lets you determine each person’s tip based on their expense. Requires a little more work to set up but a solid tip calculator none-the-less. Developed by J. Robert Ray.

Vexed is an extremely fun puzzle game that comes with literally hundreds of levels to solve, ranging from classic to insane. But you’ll have to get the level packs from the Vexed homepage below. Everything is free and no registration required. Originally developed by James McCombe.  Visit the official homepage.

Watchmaker – This is probably one of the neatest apps I’ve run across so far. It’s an analog clock that lets you set a quick alarm simply by clicking on one of the minute lines. Need a reminder 30 minutes from now? No Problem. In addition, Watchmaker also lets you set individual alarms for each day of the week ~ something the native World Clock doesn’t do. A really impressive utility that’s completely Free! Thanks to Jaap Steilberg. The official homepage.

What’s the Score – If you like to play card games then you know there’s always one person stuck with keeping score. Some people enjoy it sure, but sitting there doing constant addition and subtraction can get old after a while. Now try to imagine a Palm app that keeps score for you. Enter up to 8 Players and let “What’s the Score” do all the rest. Developed by Steve Tattersall.

Word Wiggle – If you’re a fan of games like Bookworm or Scrabble you’ll probably enjoy this one. See how many words you can pull out of the grid before the timer runs out. Score points based on word complexity and total number discovered; then find out how many were hidden that you missed. You’ll need to register at the official website (below) to get a Word Wiggle dictionary. But don’t worry, registration is free. Developed by Michael Sinz of MKSoft.  Visit the official homepage.

Palm: The Original Mobile Operating System
Ever since I got my first PalmPilot back in 2001 I’ve been in love with the Palm Operating System. It’s efficient, organized, and most of all it was designed with third-party development in mind. Most of the software you’ll find here will run on just about any version of Palm OS, from 3.5 to the current 5.0. I ran many of these on my old m100 for instance. Now that I’ve got a Treo 680 I get to enjoy the same software, only with better graphics and Hi Resolution support. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have and please don’t forget to show your appreciation to the developers.

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