Official U.S. Time

Raise your hand if you still call in for the time. Ok, now put your hand down, grab your mouse and head on over to the Official U.S. Time site, where you can not only get the current time but see what parts of the world are sleeping.

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Mournhold Clockmaker

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Big Time

Now you can quickly see what time it is in London and Tokyo (or any other major city) in addition to your local time. Big Time displays your time along with two other cities that you choose from a list. Developed by Kok Tong Woo.

Download Big Time

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Chess Clock

Hands down the best Chess Clock out there. Use default time settings or set individual times for each player and save it to a profile. Pause & restart any time even after you turn off the handheld. Developed by OrbWorks, Inc.

Download Chess Clock

Visit the Official Homepage

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Less Than Zero

Egg Timer, Tea Timer, Alarm Clock…sometimes you just need a quick reminder for things like hmm, changing the laundry over before someone piles it on top of the machine. With Less Than Zero you can quickly and easily set an alarm for later in the day, or later in the week if need be. This one gets an A+ for simplicity and usefulness. Developed by Maurizio Moretti.

Download Less Than Zero

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This is probably one of the neatest apps I’ve run across so far. It’s an analog clock that lets you set a quick alarm simply by clicking on one of the minute lines. Need a reminder 30 minutes from now? No Problem. In addition, Watchmaker also lets you set individual alarms for each day of the week – something the native World Clock doesn’t do. A really well made and impressive utility that’s completely FREE! Thanks to Jaap Steilberg.

Download Watchmaker

Visit the Official Homepage

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