The Misadventures of Fenius Longfellow

If you think about it, Morrowind is really an ideal sort of medium for a web comic. Everything about the game world is completely customizable, from your main character to the look of the game world itself. With the added flexibility of the in-game camera and the built-in Console feature the possibilities are practically endless. Right around the time I started my first adventure it was on my mind to try a short web comic, inspired by others I’d seen. I was pretty excited about it at first and thought it might turn into an epic adventure. But, as with other projects of this kind life sort of got in the way and it really just turned out to be a fun experiment. So, here it is. The brief legacy of my first Morrowind character Fenius, starring in “The Misadventures of Fenius Longfellow.”

Stepping off the Imperial Prison Ship Fenius finds himself bewildered by his recent good fortune. One day he’s pondering his fate in a dusky old prison cell and the next he’s bound for the Northern district of Morrowind, a free Elf on an Imperial ship. Well, almost free. This island province, bearing the ancient name of “Vvardenfell” is no place for a Wood Elf, especially one who had previously made his living as a thief. Now here he was, smack in the center of Dunmer territory where his presence is sure to be less than welcome by the indigenous Dark Elves…with their sour dispositions toward all things foreign. Many thoughts cross Fenius’ mind as he is led toward the office of the local Magistrate. What is the real purpose for this sudden and undeserved freedom? What possible use could the Emperor have for a simple Wood Elf? And why was he sent all the way out here to the farthest corner of the kingdom? These are all questions to which poor Fenius will have to find an answer, as he sets about to find a way in this foreboding new world. Thus begins the story of Fenius Longfellow…

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