Get detailed information on each of the installed apps on your Palm Pilot. More importantly, you can use this utility to change the display name of an app to suit your preference or so that it fits better on the screen. Developed by Rogue Productions.

Download AppView

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Mass Transit

If you’ve ever tried reassigning a bunch of contacts to new categories then you know how time consuming it can be…open the Contact, select Edit, select on Details, click the Drop Down etc. With Mass Transit that grind is over. As soon as you launch the app it brings up a list of all your Address Book Contacts. Simply check the box next to every name you want to move, select the new Category and Bam, you’re done. A simple app that saves a lot of hassle. Great work by Matthew Moss.

Download Mass Transit

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I love apps that do one thing and do it well. Obfuscate generates a list of all the pre-loaded applications on your Palm and lets you pick ones you want hidden (since they can’t be deleted). This way your Home page doesn’t need to be cluttered with icons and applications you never use. It’s a simple tool that helps you customize your Palm, keeping it clean and orderly. Well Done. Developed by Pocket Science.

Download Obfuscate

Visit the Official Homepage

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The philosophy behind this tiny little app is almost genius. It assumes that if you lose your Palm, and someone inexperienced (and honest) were to find it, they probably wouldn’t know how to drill down to the owner information. With Owner that issue is resolved. It places an icon at the top of the list so that when someone turns on the PDA it’s the first one they’ll see…instantly revealing your contact info. Developed by Mike McCollister.

Download Owner

Visit the Official Homepage for this and other great PalmOS apps*

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PDA Check

This is a great little utility for locating key information about your Palm Pilot. Quickly view information on the Battery, Display, HotSync, Memory, Palm OS, Processor, ROM and Vendor. Developed by Howard Lee.

Download PDA Check

Visit the Official Homepage

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External Utilities for Morrowind

The attached PDF document offers a brief introduction to some of the external utilities I’ve gotten comfortable using over the years.  They have significantly enhanced my Morrowind gaming experience, and to no small degree at that.  Each featured program comes with a few introductory usage notes that should help most users get started.  Utilities featured are:

  • Morrowind Code Patch
  • Exe Optimizer
  • TES Mod Utility
  • Texture Pack Uninstaller
  • TES Tool
  • Wrye Mash
  • Morrowind Graphics Extender
  • FPS Optimizer

Download External Utilities for Morrowind

Version Date:  11/5/10

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