Living With Computers: Managing Expectations

Computers are a moving target.  The moment you convince yourself that everything’s got to be just so, all of the time, is the moment of falling for one of the great blunders of computer ownership.  More realistic (and far more achievable) is to strive for stability, security and productivity with the understanding that, one way or another,  there’s always going to be at least one thing that isn’t quite functioning the way it ought to.

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Morrowind Tips & Troubleshooting

Back in 2006 I put together a semi-organized PDF document and called it “Morrowind Configuration Guide.”  A not very accurate title now that I think about it.  Still, it had some useful information about some of the external utilities I’d been using, and a respectable collection of tips and other tidbits.  As I continue doing a bit of Morrowind Stuff housecleaning it occurred to me that some of that collected information could serve two discrete documents, each with better focus.  Here is the first of the two:  Fessic’s personal collection of Morrowind Tips & Troubleshooting.

Download Morrowind Tips & Troubleshooting

Version Date:  11/4/10

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