Vintage Radio, An Introduction

There’s something indelibly charming (even a little romantic) about old radio programming – especially those produced during the ‘golden age’ of radio.  Thanks to the hard work of dedicated individuals a great many of these shows can be discovered and enjoyed by…

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Official U.S. Time

Raise your hand if you still call in for the time. Ok, now put your hand down, grab your mouse and head on over to the Official U.S. Time site, where you can not only get the current time but see what parts of the world are sleeping.

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Big Time

Now you can quickly see what time it is in London and Tokyo (or any other major city) in addition to your local time. Big Time displays your time along with two other cities that you choose from a list. Developed by Kok Tong Woo.

Download Big Time

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In the words of the developer, “Ever wonder how long you’ve been alive, down to the day? What about the precise amount of time since you met (or married) that special someone? How long ’till your next anniversary? DateDiff is a simple program that allows the user to find out how much time has elapsed between any two dates, either in terms of days, months or years.” Take a guess before you use this app; you might just be surprised at the results. Developed by Robert Watkins.

Download DateDiff

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What do you get if you add 5:34, 10:20, 3:31 and 9:49? With TimeAdd you can find out in just a few seconds. This handy little calculator was designed specifically for adding or subtracting time. Sure you could do it with a regular calculator, but who wants to spend the energy doing the conversions. With TimeAdd it’s a snap. Developed by Christian Bensch.

Download TimeAdd

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