That Tech Product You’re Working On

Why is it going to fail in the marketplace?  Multiple factors, but here’s one.  You’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that this is an interesting product (or service) because it is a new technology.  Maybe it’s even a revolutionary new technology.  And that’s why people will like it, and appreciate it, and want it.

Some will.

Here’s the part you failed to consider.

The purpose of technology is to address problems that aren’t otherwise technical in nature.

The fact that your product uses technology, or even uses it impressively is incidental.     …even if it is revolutionary.

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Cloud Consciousness

Today’s meme is the ‘cloud’ … or rather cautionary use of this fashionable technology tool.  The overall benefit?  Relatively safe offsite backup of local data.  But then, should it ever serve a higher purpose?  What about storing data exclusively in the cloud (e.g. nothing saved to our computer’s internal hard drive)?  What then?  Remember, the cloud has a useful function; but as with all internet technologies, offers only relative safety.

The danger is intuitive thanks (in part) to the technology’s own moniker.  Think about it.  Imagine a cloud.  Now, imagine living day-to-day within the cloud.  It’s a dangerous proposition at best.

Be wary of living exclusively in the cloud.

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Technology As Indicator

What incredible audacity we of the present age display when assuming that those possessing inferior technology (or those who lived in the past with their inferior technology) must also be, or have been of lesser intelligence…

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The Unfilled Gap

We live in a changing world, where technology is touted as the promise of solution for many of the problems and inconveniences of daily life…Quite often it does just that.

But there is a growing gap.  Things that technology cannot introduce into a society are common courtesy, and a basic sense of propriety.  It cannot bring us these things, nor can it sufficiently counterbalance their absence.

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The Job Vacuum

I wonder if anyone’s done a comparative study on the jobs both eliminated and created by the steady advancement of technology.  The sector isn’t relevant; be it transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, food service…What matters (or what I’m most curious about) is whether, ultimately, more jobs are being created or lost through technological advancement – or whether there has so far been a measureable equilibrium.

If there has [been equilibrium] I’d be curious to know whether a predictible shift has (or could be) identified based on expected future innovations/advancements.

Note: A job can be “eliminated” by either becoming obsolete or being moved out of the country with the help of new technology.

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Intelligent Intersections

It amazes me that in 2009 (the future of the past) even North America hasn’t got Street Lights capable of determining how best to direct the flow of traffic…

EDIT (11/15/10):  Could it be? (Link)

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Vintage Computing and Gaming

Sometimes it’s fun to look back at the old computers, video games and electronics from our past.  That’s the focus of this great little “blogazine” from Benj Edwards.  As a professional writer and former system operator for the pre internet Bullitin Board System Benj’s write-ups are always a fun foray into the computing world of yesteryear.  And he’s got an amazing collection of old computers and gadgets to boot.  Some of the more notable features are the periodic Retro Scan entries and the more interactive “Fuzzy Memory,” where the community of readers tries to help someone remember an old toy or gadget.

Visit Vintage Computing and Gaming

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The TED conference is held every year in Long Beach, CA and features talks from thinkers, movers and shakers across a broad spectrum of disciplines.  The acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design – although the themes have expanded quite a bit since its inception in 1984.  The purpose of the TED website is to bring some of the best highlights of these conferences to the public space (as downloadable or streaming video).  You’ll find a broad range of topics from science, technology, art, media, environmental/social issues, and a whole lot more.  Each speaker is asked to present their talk in 18 minutes or less, which makes for an engaging exploration of issues without a lengthy time commitment.

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Retro Thing

If you’re a gadget geek you’ve probably already heard of Retro Thing. If not then here’s a site you may want to check out. It’s a treasure trove of technology, gadgets and goodies from yesteryear all presented on a fun, Feed Reader friendly site. Don’t miss out on their Robots and Video Games sections.

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