Get detailed information on each of the installed apps on your Palm Pilot. More importantly, you can use this utility to change the display name of an app to suit your preference or so that it fits better on the screen. Developed by Rogue Productions.

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EDIT: Originally posted on 6/28/11 (22:58)

The legendary Rogue comes to the classic Palm OS thanks to the work of Bridget Spitznagel (and of course the many creative programmers upon whose source material this port is based).  What’s that?  Never heard of “Rogue” before?  That’s alright, it probably means you’re too young to have lived through the original heyday (I too fall into this category)…or, possibly it means you’re not so much into video games but just happen to be browsing this list.  Well, to sum it up, Rogue is a special – in both historical and sentimental terms – video game about a brave hero (you) who plunges the depths of a dastardly dungeon in search of a mythical artifact.  Along the way you’ll encounter untold nefarious traps and monsters and magical items & potions, equipment and weapons all meant to help or hinder your progress.  Sounds pretty straightforward right?  One might be tempted to think so…at first, similar to the way one might be tempted to dismiss this quirky little gem for the rudimentary,  even austere graphics.  But, those ‘in the know’ understand that there’s a whole lot more going on underneath that ASCII-based veneer, and that uncovering the many secrets to the game is well more than half the fun.

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