Modern Day Slavery

Countless well-educated citizens in Western Developed Nations (the rich countries) believe that slavery is a historical subject.  It is not.  Slavery exists today, and it may even exist, as Kevin Bales has put it, right in your own backyard – meaning of course, your own country…possibly, your own neighborhood.  Do you think this isn’t possible?  Probably you’re not alone.  But unfortunately, it is possible, because it’s true.  Slavery exists today, and not just in isolated pockets or, for that matter, on a small-scale.  It is, in the hands of organized crime and coupled with the institution of Human Trafficking, a thriving industry, consuming at last count the lives of approximately 27 million* slaves who, this very day, toil away in grueling conditions, without pay, and without any practical means of escape from their captors.  A significant proportion of these people are children.

Anything I could possibly think to say on this subject has already been well said by others with far more insight.  The only thing I would add is this:  What if it turned out we, as consumers, inadvertently contributed to the enslavement of children and poor families?  What if it were possible to take small, practical measures to shift the entire international community away from the conditions that lead to slavery – and reduce global poverty along the way?  What if right now, as you read this, a young child is wishing beyond all hope that someone, somewhere cared enough about him or her to do something…something to rescue them from the nightmare of abuse and agony?

A brief Fact Sheet on the topic of contemporary slavery (PDF)

A community pamphlet on Slavery in America (PDF)

Ending Slavery – An eye-opening glimpse into modern-day slavery that also provides practical, attainable solutions for ending slavery…permanently.

Free the Slaves – An organization dedicated to freeing slaves around the world.  Even the smallest donation can help.

Disposable People – Kevin Bales’ first book on the topic that gained the attention of the international community.

GoodWeave – An organization (and consumer textile label) dedicated to ensuring that the rugs and carpets we buy are ‘Slavery Free.’

Resources on Human Trafficking:

Freedom Network USA – An organization dedicated to combating Human Trafficking and ending slavery.

The National Human Trafficking (NHTRC) Hotline – 888.373.7888

U.S. State Department, Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.  See 20 Ways You Can Help.


*International Labor Standards: Quality of Information and Measures in Progress of Combating Forced Labor, (2005) Kevin Bales.  Refer to section IV: Macro-Level Analysis, page 342.

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Other Morrowind Resources

The following links are presented in categories, and geared toward newcomers.


Before You Even Get Started

Gluby’s Comprehensive Guides – If you are thinking about jumping in to the PC version of Morrowind, which is an adventure all its own, do yourself (and the community) a huge favor and spend some time reading through Gluby’s Guides…before even installing the game.  These guides represent an articulate amalgamation of collected wisdom, presented in a friendly and highly readable format (that’s also easy on the eyes).  Even if you aren’t planning on using mods just now there is much to be gained in terms of having a clean and stable base installation of the game.

Working With Mods

Starting Out With Mods – This helpful tutorial by Ronin49 will walk you through the seemingly daunting task of adding mods to Morrowind. Spend a few minutes reading through this well-written guide and you’ll soon discover it’s not nearly as bad as it seems at first. By starting off with a basic understanding of installation, load order, cleaning and usage of mod utilities, Ronin49 will have you up and running in no time.

Yacoby’s Load Order Tutorial – If you plan on running a lot of mods then you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the practice of Load Ordering. While it may seem a bit complicated at first, thanks to Yacoby it doesn’t have to be. He’s put together an excellent tutorial explaining everything you need to know about setting up a good Load Order.

Gameplay FAQs, Hints and Walkthroughs

WARNING:  These sites contains spoilers.

Hannah’s Whereizit is one of the best resources for getting to those “hard to find Morrowind places, people and items.” In other words, if you’re stuck on the main quest then this is a helpful resource to turn toThe site went down some years ago but a functional facsimile remains behind on the Wayback Machine.

Arwen’s Morrowind Journal – Few people have managed to capture the spirit of adventure and discovery in the world of Morrowind as Arwen has done.  Join in the comedic adventures of a “clueless” Wood Elf as she seeks to make sense of a strange new land, and the political infighting of Tamriel’s Dark Elf province.

The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages has put together a well-organized Wiki, useful for digging through Morrowind related information, including a complete walkthrough for the main storyline (and tips on fixing broken quests).

Where to Go for Personalized Help

Bethesda Softworks Forums – The original Bethesda forums.

Emma’s Elder Scrolls Forum – One of the better third-party forums, with a focus on mods by Emma and Grumpy, two of the community’s preeminent modders (and all around helpful people).

UESP Forums – From the same group who brought us the original Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (see above).

Other Useful Resources

OpenMW – Here’s something worth a look.  OpenMW is an ambitious attempt to create an open-source (and presumably cross-platform) implementation of the Morrowind game engine.  What does that mean in plain language?  Potentially, a more stable Morrowind that runs on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.

Tamriel Rebuilt – The original game takes place (primarily) on the island of Vardenfell, off the coast of mainland Morrowind.  For more than ten years the Tamriel Rebuilt project team has been painstakingly crafting the remainder of the province, opening up vast untold cities, towns and other areas for players to explore.  Truly one of the most impressive and inspiring fan projects in the modding community.  This interactive map illuminates progress.

Updated: 6/25/14

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