That Tech Product You’re Working On

Why is it going to fail in the marketplace?  Multiple factors, but here’s one.  You’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that this is an interesting product (or service) because it is a new technology.  Maybe it’s even a revolutionary new technology.  And that’s why people will like it, and appreciate it, and want it.

Some will.

Here’s the part you failed to consider.

The purpose of technology is to address problems that aren’t otherwise technical in nature.

The fact that your product uses technology, or even uses it impressively is incidental.     …even if it is revolutionary.

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Product Testing. The Beagle Freedom Project.

Testing experimental cosmetic and consumer household products on animals is still a common practice.  It turns out, Beagles are a popular choice because of their, “friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities.”

I spent a bit of time on the organization’s website, thinking about how I might assemble a short post highlighting their efforts.  But then I came across this message to would-be foster homes.

Anyone interested in fostering or adopting a lab beagle should be aware of the challenges these dogs have. They will not be accustomed to life in a home and will not have experience with children, cats, or other dogs. They will not be house-trained and accidents will happen, although they learn quickly. Many have gone directly from a commercial breeder to the lab, and have never felt grass under their feet or even seen the sun. They will have been fed a special diet formulated for lab animals and may be difficult to adjust to new foods. They will be unfamiliar with treats, toys, bedding and may never have walked on a leash. They will have lived in cages with steel wire floors and may have inflamed or infected paws from the pressure. They may be fearful of people initially and may have phobias from a lifetime in confinement or from being restrained. They are likely to have been surgically de-barked by the breeder and have an ID number tattooed in their ear. Please also be aware that although these beagles are considered healthy, you will be given very little information about the beagle’s medical history, and you will not be told its origins or what kind of testing they may have been used for.

With time, patience, play, companionship, love – and most of all, freedom – these dogs will learn how to become dogs, and their transformation will be amazing.

The short video on the homepage is a good place to start.  For those thinking about donating or getting involved in some way, there is also an iPhone App called Cruelty Cutter that lets you scan product bar codes to check up on its animal-testing status.

The Beagle Freedom Project

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Marketing-Product Development Advice

Never underestimate the commercial potential of nostalgia.

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