On the Question of Automating Passenger Aircraft

Both machines and humans are subject to error, breakdown and even potentially deadly malfunction, conditions that differ only in their manner and variety.  …Although, with humans, they tend to be, arguably, more difficult to hack, remotely hijack, or otherwise infect with decision-motivational viruses.

And, as always, humans will put a portion of their earnings back into the economy, whereas machines tend not to even earn a spendable income.

But I suppose even still, it’s a conversation whose time has come.

Perhaps we need to look at a resident AI with limited capability of only preventing the human pilots from setting the plane on a deliberately fatal course… something that cannot be switched off, except perhaps by a two-factor (both pilots) override.

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PalmPilot Freeware

Note: Most of the freeware here should run in Palm OS versions 2 through 5 – the classic Palm Operating System.  Hardware examples are the m100, on the low end, and the Treo 680 near the high end.  Owners of the original Palm Pre and other devices running webOS 1.4.5 or lower should be able to use these under an emulation platform called Classic.  Unfortunately, with the release of webOS 2.0 support was dropped for the Classic emulator.

There’s a treasure trove of Free PalmPilot software out there just waiting to be discovered. Over the years I’ve done a bit of digging and found a handful of special gems. Quality freeware designed especially for Palm PDAs and select Treo Smartphones. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, rather it’s a small collection of only the best that Palm Freeware has to offer. My personal thanks to all the hardworking and generous developers out there who’ve really produced some outstanding games, apps and utilities.

Click HERE if you don’t see the Freeware below

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Pilot Memory

Everyone remembers memory right? Well if not then now’s your chance to whip that pooped out mind of yours back in shape. It’s the classic card matching memory game, only this time using Palm related pictures & icons. A great one for kids and adults alike. Developed by Collin Mulliner.

Download Pilot Memory

Visit the Official Homepage

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