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Note: Most of the freeware here should run in Palm OS versions 2 through 5 – the classic Palm Operating System.  Hardware examples are the m100, on the low end, and the Treo 680 near the high end.  Owners of the original Palm Pre and other devices running webOS 1.4.5 or lower should be able to use these under an emulation platform called Classic.  Unfortunately, with the release of webOS 2.0 support was dropped for the Classic emulator.

There’s a treasure trove of Free PalmPilot software out there just waiting to be discovered. Over the years I’ve done a bit of digging and found a handful of special gems. Quality freeware designed especially for Palm PDAs and select Treo Smartphones. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, rather it’s a small collection of only the best that Palm Freeware has to offer. My personal thanks to all the hardworking and generous developers out there who’ve really produced some outstanding games, apps and utilities.

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Accident Log

Getting into a car accident can be a harrowing experience. Use this app to help ensure you take down all the proper information – you may just thank yourself later on. Developed by pdasoftnet.

Download Accident Log

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Get detailed information on each of the installed apps on your Palm Pilot. More importantly, you can use this utility to change the display name of an app to suit your preference or so that it fits better on the screen. Developed by Rogue Productions.

Download AppView

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Average Calc

This helpful little utility will help you find the average of up to 16 numbers. Developed by Marcus Desireau.

Download Average Calc

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Big Time

Now you can quickly see what time it is in London and Tokyo (or any other major city) in addition to your local time. Big Time displays your time along with two other cities that you choose from a list. Developed by Kok Tong Woo.

Download Big Time

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Everyone knows Tetris; and thanks to Electron Hut we can play a faithful recreation of it on our Palm devices.

Download Blocks

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Chess Clock

Hands down the best Chess Clock out there. Use default time settings or set individual times for each player and save it to a profile. Pause & restart any time even after you turn off the handheld. Developed by OrbWorks, Inc.

Download Chess Clock

Visit the Official Homepage

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Code Cracker

Based loosely on the game Mastermind, Code Cracker is a game that tests your deductive reasoning skills. Can you crack the code? Developed by Jeff Brown.

Download Code Cracker

Visit the Official Homepage

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Fans of Scrabble will appreciate this faithful recreation of a household favorite. This one supports Hi Rez screens, offers good computer AI and is packed with helpful features like Hint, Juggles and Trades. You’ll need to download the Crosswords Dictionary file (below) in order to play. Great work by developer Eric House.

Download Crosswords
Download the Crosswords Dictionary

Visit the Official Homepage

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