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During its day I had more fun collecting and playtesting user- created mods than actually playing through the game, evidenced by the fact that my character never did get very far along the main storyline.  Still, those brief and sporadic play sessions (which typically involved wandering the countryside and otherwise exploring places my lowly character had no business investigating) …were a lot of fun too.

Special Note: If this is your first time hearing about the game Morrowind please pause for a moment before you continue and read my post titled What’s the deal with this Morrowind game.  This post was written just for you, especially the brief section toward the end, A Special Note to Parents and Casual Gamers.


…I tend to fall into the category of people who would rather see a screenshot before they download a mod. Sure it’s fun to discover things for the first time in-game, but you’ve got to go through a lot to get to that point. Personally it just doesn’t make sense to download, clean, install, recreate merged lists, update save files, then try to go find whatever it is the mod added…only to discover that it’s not what you hoped for in the first place. Maybe you feel the same way? If so this folder was made for you.

The main purpose of this collection is to highlight the mods featured in Fessic’s Mod List.  Believe me, it just wouldn’t be practical to try to do screenshots for every Morrowind Mod – I’d never get to play the game! Even so, there’s a good chance you’ll find something here you probably haven’t seen before.

You’ll notice right away that the mods have been sorted alphabetically; but if you already know which one you’re looking for try plugging its name into the search bar in the upper right column, above the “Feed Reader Topics” line.  Some of the screenshots hosted here were originally taken by the mod creator, and in these cases hopefully I’ve remembered to give them credit.  Lastly, not all mods are conducive to screenshots, such as the many excellent gameplay enhancements (or tweak mods).

Let me emphasize that the real credit for what you see here belongs to Bethesda & all the Modders and Artists out there whose talent and dedication have given us all an open-ended fantasy world to explore & enjoy for a long time to come.  Thanks everyone – especially those of you who’ve worked to keep Morrowind free from unnecessary immature content.

Click HERE if you don’t see the screenshots below

For maps, guides and other stuff click HERE

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Fessic’s Mod List

The PC version of Morrowind is really just a framework, a starting point.  It’s the vast variety of user-created mods that enable players to build upon this framework, and craft a unique game world more suitable to their individual play style.  Coupled with some of the External Utilities (discussed further below) mods can also be used to vastly improve upon the visual aesthetic of the original game, making for a completely fresh gaming experience.  The unique version of Morrowind I have assembled is based on what you’ll find in the attached PDF.  Those most likely to get any use out of this list are:

1. Players who prefer a rich and challenging game world that sticks to the core Morrowind ethos

2. Looking for clean, quality mods, already playtested by others

3. Anyone curious to know what my favorite mods are

As a general rule mods chosen for this list represent a balance between quality work, balanced gameplay, and good (but not overdone) visual quality. Screenshots for a good majority of these can be found HERE.

Download Fessic’s Mod List

See Also: Mods I Like But Don’t Currently Use

Version Date:  11/1/10

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On the State of User Created Content

Since discovering Morrowind back in 2005 I have immensely enjoyed discovering and playtesting the many wonderful user-created mods released by the community, adopting many of them into my own game.  In the midst of this, I must admit that it has been disappointing, though sadly not surprising, that so much unhealthy and unnecessary content has also emerged from within the Morrowind modding community…for a game that never needed it. You could probably say it was inevitable that some users would take things in this direction.  Whatever your feelings about it, I hope you will find it worthwhile to screen out mods that drastically alter the spirit and intent of Morrowind’s original game world, and ESRB rating. I believe that in the long run, if you really enjoy playing this game, you’ll find it a much more rewarding experience without prurient and immature content.

When you stop to consider the original definition and intent of the word “Mature” (as expressed in rating systems) it becomes easy to see how this word has become twisted around in an almost ironic sort of way.  The team over at Game Maker Games has, I think, articulated it best…

We also don’t use silly terms like mature to represent games that are most likely to be enjoyed by an audience whose maturity level is inversely proportionate to the level of so-called ‘mature’ content in said games.”

Since I believe there is a strong correlation between pornography, and the tendency to create this sort of content, you may also be interested to read some of my thoughts and observations about A Man Addicted to Pornography.

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