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Like most people I’ve got literally hundreds of websites bookmarked in my “favorites” folder, but these are the ones that stand out as the most fun, useful or just downright interesting of the bunch.  Browse through the existing collection, or check back in from time to time for the latest additions.

To visit a featured website look for the blue text link or simply click on the image.

Click HERE if you don’t see the websites below

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Fessic’s Mod List

The PC version of Morrowind is really just a framework, a starting point.  It’s the vast variety of user-created mods that enable players to build upon this framework, and craft a unique game world more suitable to their individual play style.  Coupled with some of the External Utilities (discussed further below) mods can also be used to vastly improve upon the visual aesthetic of the original game, making for a completely fresh gaming experience.  The unique version of Morrowind I have assembled is based on what you’ll find in the attached PDF.  Those most likely to get any use out of this list are:

1. Players who prefer a rich and challenging game world that sticks to the core Morrowind ethos

2. Looking for clean, quality mods, already playtested by others

3. Anyone curious to know what my favorite mods are

As a general rule mods chosen for this list represent a balance between quality work, balanced gameplay, and good (but not overdone) visual quality. Screenshots for a good majority of these can be found HERE.

Download Fessic’s Mod List

See Also: Mods I Like But Don’t Currently Use

Version Date:  11/1/10

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A New Blog is Born

This story has three beginnings…

On October 3rd, 2005 the Scripture Wallpaper project became part of my life.  A short while into it I began hoping that someday I might be able to share the result of that work; though at the time I wouldn’t have considered using a blog.  As for posting publicly available content in general, that came about on July 24, 2006.  It was on this day that a simple PDF file made its debut on a [now defunct] file-sharing site.  Contained in the file was a spreadsheet style list of recommended software.  It was called Fessic’s Favorite Freeware and Software.  Others followed until, in 2008 the whole thing transitioned over here to WordPress.  I don’t think I fully realized then that I’d have so much to say.  But it turns out I did and began blogging away, in addition to maintaining lists of favorites and other collected things.  After that… well, things more or less settled into a rhythm.

And so, as a kind of time stamp, I’m using this post to mark the unofficial beginning of my online identity as Fessic, blogger and curator of favorites lists.

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