Observations while driving

At what point in the development of the male* human being does he say to himself, “You know… I am so awesome that I’m going to drive around and just dangle my arm out the window.”

* you don’t tend to get this with females

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Confused and Starving for Attention

Are girls sitting around having conversations that go, more or less, like this…?

Girl 1:  So Hey! Like who do you have a crush on?

Girl 2: Oh! You know that one guy! The unattractive one with the car, who’s totally into pornography and his stereo will probably give me permanent hearing loss, and he’s like so MANLY and gonna be all insecure and possessive and probably even abusive..?  It’s Him!

Girl 1:  Oh yeaaah.  I know that guy!  He is like, sooooo desirable.  I just dream about him every time he drives by.  I am so jealous.

…Or are there just an inordinate number of young men out there who apparently think girls are having this conversation?

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