Average Calc

This helpful little utility will help you find the average of up to 16 numbers. Developed by Marcus Desireau.

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In the words of the developer, “Ever wonder how long you’ve been alive, down to the day? What about the precise amount of time since you met (or married) that special someone? How long ’till your next anniversary? DateDiff is a simple program that allows the user to find out how much time has elapsed between any two dates, either in terms of days, months or years.” Take a guess before you use this app; you might just be surprised at the results. Developed by Robert Watkins.

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Loan Calculator

A lite but very handy little loan calculator. Use it for car or house payment estimations. Developed by Bob Fagioli.

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Loan Helper

Written specifically for car loans; keep this little app handy for when you go hunting for that next auto. Now you don’t have to wonder where the dealer’s coming up with those payment estimates – it may even help you negotiate better (then again probably not…those guys are shrewd). Developed by Shrike Software.

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There’s a lot of Tip Calculators out there to be sure. But QuickTip wins my award for simplicity and good design. If you and your dining buddies don’t mind splitting the bill evenly this is the only Tip Calculator you need. Developed by Carl Quick.

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So far every other Scientific Calculator I’ve run across requires that you install extra support databases in order for them to function. Not so with SciCalc. Simply install the prc and calculate away. This one gets points for simplicity and efficiency. Now all it needs is a slight upgrade in the graphics department. Developed by voidware.

Download SciCalc

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Space Weight

Ever wondered how much you might weigh if you traveled to Mars? Or what about Neptune? Space Weight has the answer. Just plug in your weight here on Earth and find out instantly what you would weigh on any planet in the solar system. Developed by Rodrigo Marban.

Download Space Weight

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What do you get if you add 5:34, 10:20, 3:31 and 9:49? With TimeAdd you can find out in just a few seconds. This handy little calculator was designed specifically for adding or subtracting time. Sure you could do it with a regular calculator, but who wants to spend the energy doing the conversions. With TimeAdd it’s a snap. Developed by Christian Bensch.

Download TimeAdd

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Split a bill, calculate the tax, even save a profile for each of your dining partners. The most unique feature of Tipsy however is that it lets you determine each person’s tip based on their expense. Requires a little more work to set up but a solid tip calculator none-the-less. Developed by J. Robert Ray.

Download Tipsy

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