This next entry is a fast paced, city themed puzzle game that’s all about stacking blocks according to a preset layout.  Or, as the game prefers to call them, ‘blueprints.’  The name of the game is Stackopolis and here’s how it works.  Each level starts you out with a square grid filled with randomly placed blocks.  In the lower left corner the blueprint tells you where to place the blocks, including how high to stack them.  This is all well and good of course as it’s simply a matter of following the blueprint…only you’re given a limited amount of time to piece each building together.  Initial levels start you out with 60 seconds so there’s no time to waste.  Later levels offer even less time and progressively more complex layouts.  The trick to passing each level ultimately comes down to playing it to the point you start memorizing the layout.  Click a block once to select it; click it again to place it.  You don’t need to hold the mouse button.

Taken alone the gameplay offers plenty enough to keep you going.  That it’s all presented with fantastically retro graphics and an excellent theme is a nice bonus.  And it’s the little touches that add charm and fun to the experience.  From the overall look that pays homage to the classic SimCity 2000, to the little distractions like subway trains, car chases, and tiny people playing football in the park.  The whole city feel is well represented all the way down to the city-esque ambient sound effects.  Even the website gushes with retro-graphic style.

But, as always, gameplay is the most important thing and you won’t want to start from the beginning each time you play.  This is probably why a password feature has been built in, so you can pick up where you left off.  For those who prefer an offline version Bloc Media has you covered there as well.  In fact, this is probably one of the best offline versions of any browser game I’ve yet come across.  Similar to the USB apps so common nowadays the entire game comes in a tiny, self-contained executable – complete with sound and password support.  You just double-click the file and voila, there it is ready to go.

Here’s a great game that’s perfect for short play sessions and will no doubt offer hours of challenge and fun.

Designer: Bloc Media
Type: Original
Genre: Puzzle
Format: Browser (Flash) Game, Portable Exe
File Size: 2.2 MB
Control Scheme: Mouse
Portable: Yes
Version Played: 2.0.26

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