Promising Games

What follows is a list of games that I have not played and, notwithstanding the rare exception, will probably never find the time for.  Still, whatever I placed here was intriguing enough for me to take notice …which I’m inclined to suggest is saying something.  Watch the date below for an indication that something new has been added.  New entries are highlighted in green like this. It should probably be understood that this list will be updated infrequently.  Also, as with the other Single Page Lists to the right, this page can be individually bookmarked for future reference.


Mirror’s Edge (2008) (Various) EA Digital Illusions CE

Academagia (2010) (Windows) Black Chicken Studios

Artemis (2010) (Android/iOS/Windows) Thom Robertson

Dead Cyborg (2010) (CP-noDRM) Endre Barath

What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time (2010) (CP-noDRM)

Edge (2011) (Steam) Two Tribes

Kairo (2011) (CP-noDRM) Lupus Studios

Outer Wilds (2012) (CP-noDRM) Team Outer Wilds

TowerClimb (2012) (Windows) Davioware

868-Hack (2013) (iOS) Michael Brough

Anodyne (2013) (CP-noDRM) Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka

Battle Worlds: Kronos (2013) (CP-noDRM) KING Art Games

CAPSULE (2013) (Windows/Mac) Adam Saltsman & Robin Arnott

ELEMENT4L (2013) (Windows/Mac) I-Illusions

Evoland (2013) (Windows/Mac) Shiro Games

Hammerwatch (2013) (CP-noDRM) Crackshell

Kentucky Route Zero (2013) (CP-noDRM) Cardboard Computer

Kerbal Space Program (2013) (Various) Squad

Luminesca (2013) (CP-noDRM) Matt Glanville

Next Car Game (2013) (Windows) Bugbear Entertainment

Proteus (2013) (CP-noDRM) Ed Key and David Kanaga

Reus (2013) (CP-noDRM) Abbey Games

Rymdkapsel (2013) (CP-noDRM) grapefrukt games

Stanley Parable, The (2013) (Steam) Galactic Cafe

Star Command (2013) (Various) Star Command, LLC

Starbound (2013) (CP-noDRM) Chucklefish

0RBITALIS (2014) (Steam) Alan Zucconi

80 Days (2014) (iOS) inkle studios

Banished (2014) (Windows) Shining Rock Software

Banner Saga, The (2014) (Windows/Mac) Stoic

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (2014) (Wii U) Nintendo

Dawn of the Plow (2014) (Various) Dan FitzGerald

Fall, The (2014) (CP-noDRM) Over the Moon

FORMA.8 (2014) (Various) Mixed Bag

FRACT (2014) (Windows/Mac) Phosfiend Systems

Helix (2014) (iOS) Michael Brough

Long Dark, The (2014) (CP-noDRM) Hinterland Studio

Lumino City (2014) (Windows/Mac) State of Play

Mini Metro (2014) (CP-noDRM) Codepoint

Never Alone (2014) (Various) Upper One Games

Reprisal Universe (2014) (Mac/Windows) Electrolyte & Last17

Rodina (2014) (Windows) Elliptic Games

SPiNTiRES (2014) (Steam) Oovee Game Studios

Super Win the Game (2014) (CP-noDRM) Minor Key Games

Talos Principle, The (2014) (Steam) Croteam

Tomodachi Life (2014) (3DS) Nintendo

Towerfall Ascension (2014) (Steam/PS4) Matt Makes Games

Trace Vector (2014) (Steam/Various) Vexel Games

ULTRAWORLD (2014) (Windows) Neon Serpent

Unclaimed World (2014) (Steam) Refactored Games

Affordable Space Adventures (2015) (Wii U) Nifflas’ Games

Beyond Eyes (2015) (Various) Tiger & Squid

Cities: Skylines (2015) (Mac/Win/Ubuntu) Colossal Order

Curious Expedition, The (2015) (CP-noDRM) Maschinen-Mensch

GALAK-Z: The Dimensional (2015) (Various) 17-BIT

Infinifactory (2015) (Various) Zachtronics

Lovers in a Dangerous (2015) (Various) Asteroid Base

Ori and the Blind Forest (2015) (XBOX One/Steam) Moon Studios

Poly Bridge (2015) (CP-noDRM) Dry Cactus

Reassembly (2015) (CP-noDRM) Arthur Danskin

Sublevel Zero (2015) (CP-noDRM) SIGTRAP

Super Mario Maker (2015) (Wii U) Nintendo

Titan Souls (2015) (CP-noDRM) Acid Nerve

Undertale (2015) (Mac/Windows) Toby Fox

Vertiginous Golf (2015) (CP-noDRM) Surprise Attack Games

Voxatron (2015) (CP-noDRM) Lexaloffle Games

Home Free (2016) (Mac/Windows) Kevin Cancienne

Last Guardian, The (2016) (PS4) Team Ico

Planet Coaster (2016) (Steam) Frontier Developments

Witness, The (2016) (Various) Thekla/Number None

ADR1FT (TBD) (Various) threeonezero

Aegis Defenders (TBD) (Mac/Windows) Studio Guts

ASTRONEER (TBD) (TBD) System Era Softworks

BeamNG DRIVE (TBD) (Windows) BeamNG

Blackspace (TBD) (Windows) PixelFoundry

Block’hood (TBD) (TBD) Plethora Project

Citybound (TBD) (Chrome) Anselm Eickhoff

Cube World (TBD) (Windows) Picroma

Cuphead (TBD) (Steam/XBox One) Studio MDHR

Darknet (TBD) (CP-noDRM) E McNeill

Deadwood: The Forgotten Curse (CP-noDRM) Steamroller Studios

DESYNC (TBD) (TBD) The Foregone Syndicate

Environmental Station Alpha (TBD) (Mac/Windows) Hempuli

Extrasolar Project, The (TBD) (TBD) XRI

Faraway (TBD) (iOS) Little Eyes

Flagship (TBD) (Cross-Platform) Urban Logic Games

Ghost of a Tale (TBD) (Windows) Lionel Gallat

Limit Theory (TBD) (Steam) Procedural Reality

Nyrthos (TBD) (Various) BeerDeer Games

Rakuen (TBD) (Windows) Supershigi

RESET (TBD) (Windows) Theory Interactive

Source (TBD) (Various) Fenix Fire

State of Mind (TBD) (Various) Daedalic

Toren (TBD) (TBD) Swordtales

Typefighters (TBD) (CP-noDRM) Christian Reuter

Universim, The (TBD) (CP-noDRM) Crytivo Games

WiLD (TBD) (PS4) Wild Sheep Studio

XING: The Land Beyond (TBD) (Windows) White Lotus


Curious to know what CP-noDRM means?  Read about it here

For an historical insight into the legacy of everything featured above, have a look at one person’s list of Most Memorable Games

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