In the words of the developer, “Ever wonder how long you’ve been alive, down to the day? What about the precise amount of time since you met (or married) that special someone? How long ’till your next anniversary? DateDiff is a simple program that allows the user to find out how much time has elapsed between any two dates, either in terms of days, months or years.” Take a guess before you use this app; you might just be surprised at the results. Developed by Robert Watkins.

Download DateDiff

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Due Yesterday

If you’re a serious High School or College Student then this app may be a life saver. Keep track of your classes, teachers, building & room numbers. My favorite feature lets you prioritize your homework assignments and even set alarms for those really crucial ones. Oh, and there’s a nice calendar feature as well that automatically displays your class schedule. Developed by nosleep software.

Download Due Yesterday

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Every once in a while you find yourself in a situation where you need to reset (or reboot) your Palm device. Instead of having to dig through the manual looking for the secret button combo simply launch this app and press the Reset button. Presto! This one gets an A+ for simplicity and convenience and a big thanks to Igor Kanel.

Download ezReset

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FileZ is the ultimate file utility for the uber organized power user (you know who you are). This robust program will let you drill down to detailed system information and file attributes, edit an app’s name or discover which files are associated with it. A good one for keeping your system clean and organized, though not recommended for the average user. Developed by nosleep software.

Download FileZ

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Free Checking

After searching and searching for a decent checkbook app I finally came across this great one from Iota Handworks. Unlike other bulkier (and more expensive) apps this one performs one simple function and does it well – it’s a checkbook ledger. Great for people like me since I never have my checkbook with me, but always have my Palm. Plus, no need to carry a pen or calculator. Oh and it makes balancing a breeze. Huge Thanks to Paul Randall for this one.

Download Free Checking

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Once again there are many Currency Converters out there, yet none match the flexibility and simplicity of this freeware version. FreeCurrency let’s you customize any currency to keep up with the current exchange rate. Further, you can keep or exclude those that don’t interest you so it’s perfect no matter where you are. The interface is clean and straight-forward. Developed by Josh Goldfoot.

Download FreeCurrency

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For those that don’t know Mahjong try to imagine pictured tiles spread out and stacked on top of one another. The goal is to find matching tiles. When you find a pair you can remove them from the board…but only if they aren’t trapped by other tiles. It’s an old Chinese puzzle game still enjoyed by people around the world. Thankfully, this one features a shuffle feature for when you get stuck. Developed by William Osborne.

Download FreeJongg

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Gamer’s Die Roller

This is a special app for people who play board games and tabletop roleplaying games. Gamer’s Die Roller is great for those occasions when you forgot to bring your dice with you or just don’t feel like doing all the calculations. I’ve tried a lot of “Dice Roller” programs but this one gets it right with a clean interface that’s easy and fun to use. Developed by Art Dahm.

Download Gamer’s Die Roller

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Similar to the classic game Breakout this enjoyable Hi Rez game is a little more forgiving, and probably a little more fun because of it. Slide the paddle left and right as you try to clear all the bricks using the bouncing ball. Thanks to developer Alexander Pruss.

Download Hardball

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