Swing Dancing

Raquel Stecher was writing recently on her blog about an upcoming documentary titled “Alive and Kicking” (produced and directed by Susan Glatzer) about the culture of Swing in America.  At one point something in her description struck me,

“This documentary explores swing dancing as a community, a spiritual experience, as therapy, as a secret conversation between two people and as a way to bridge the generations.”

…especially the part about bridging the generations. I love that.

As much fun as it is to connect with others from your generation (for me it would be growing up with video games and life before the internet) there is something immediately heartwarming about the notion of shared experiences across generations.

I’ll confess now, I don’t dance. But Swing Dance in particular is one of the many things that interests and fascinates me and it’s a pleasure just to watch others enjoying it (same too for things like chess and sports, or painting with Bob Ross).  I’m also something of a film romantic, often wishing life could be more like movies from the 1940s.  The way people dress and socialize, the style of music and dance from that era.

What a great thing that people could put away their devices for a while and come together for a shared experience, across the many divides that otherwise have a tendency to separate us.

Bonus video: Rock That Swing Festival 2017


Reference: Out of the Past classic film blog

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  1. I love to dance …. swing dancing and other … especially Iksperimental dancing …
    When I was in my twenties we would go to senior citizen dances …. i liked their music …. we were an oddity ….. the old people liked having us there
    now I am old …. I enjoy having kids come and learn to dance …. it does tie the generations.

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