Homelessness is Unacceptable

Why does the wealthiest nation on Earth not even have safety measures in place for those who suddenly find themselves without basic necessities for survival?

There are many dozens of ways (especially in a Capitalist society) that an individual or a family might find themselves without access to shelter, meals, some place to safely store a few possessions.

How can anyone be expected to pick themselves up and carry on when they’re already so busy asking questions like,

Where is the next meal coming from?
Where am I going to sleep tonight?  Is it safe?
…will my children be safe?
Where can we bathe, shower and wash our clothes?
How can we get money for basic necessities while trying to get out of this?
Is there any medical facility that will treat me? What about transportation?
How can I find work and access the internet, or try to start a new career?
What can I put for ‘Home Address’ on this banking or job application?
Most of all, how can we stay together and be safe?

No one, in any civil and wealthy and technologically advanced society should find themselves faced with these questions…

…and have no ready answer available to them.

How can any government, on the one hand, boast about having a powerful military to protect the “freedom” of the people while not even having a structural plan for ensuring that no one should become forgotten and destitute?

How can any nation beam with pride when it can’t (or won’t) even see to the basic needs of its own people?

More on Understanding Homelessness

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  1. I completely agree. I believe homelessness will be gone as soon as we as a society realize it’s unacceptable.

    • You have written well on the topic (on your blog). Things that give pause for thought, and encouragement and a hope that we can not only see what is right in front of us but also to make a better world. I am grateful for people like you and especially for those who do so much in spite of systemic failures to care for people’s basic needs.

    • Thank you very much. It’s something I truly care about (and more and more each day). I wish to change people’s perspective and to start to change the paradigm of homeless people in my country.

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