Animal Adoptions

Try to imagine in your mind an animal shelter; there probably is one nearby somewhere in the city or county where you live.  Picture this place, with the small cages and pens with dogs and cats and other small animals.  They’ve been dropped off and discarded or taken into custody.  They would like to have a home, someone to love and care for them and someone they can love and care for in return.  But these animals, sitting now in a small cage or pen at the local shelter are at a disadvantage… as many people, when looking for a “new” pet look first inside the local pet store.

After all, it’s such a more safe and friendly place to shop for a pet.

Only, what would it be like for these other animals over there, looking for a good home, if they too had a chance to be on display inside a comfortable and welcoming pet store?  What if pet stores took up the cause to be leaders and advocates for “unwanted” and “homeless” animals?  What if the local pet store, out of compassion, began leading the way in animal adoptions, perhaps by integrating or partnering with local animal shelters…

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