The by-product of dehumanization

The world cannot have a meaningful conversation about violence against women without a concerted dialog about unprecedented consumption of pornography.  And by this, I do not refer to a conversation about legalization or criminalization, but the manner and degree to which it is collectively partitioned off from mainstream society.  To offer a few examples:

Try to imagine a world in which,

a) the production of pornography was limited to a few moderately-sized studios that were heavily regulated.

b) marketing and advertising were severely restricted.

c) all relevant portals were forced behind a single, dedicated top-level domain (e.g. prn rather than com, net or any other TDL).

d) access to these domains are restricted to verified adults whose pre-registration must pass through an initial screening organization (something in the vein of a State DMV) whose sole purpose is to limit the number of minors accessing this region of the internet, a structure not entirely dissimilar to the days when adults had to present ID in order to purchase or rent pornography from video and liquor stores.

…in other words, as before, those who were so inclined would have to go out of their way in order to access and consume pornography.

e) the identities of women under the age of thirty with less than three years working in the industry would have to be sufficiently blurred/obscured on any post-production content, giving younger women the opportunity to regret their decision without inexorably ruining the remainder of their adult lives.

Imagine a world in which pornography is properly stigmatized as another unfortunate aspect of our culture… a world in which far fewer children are exposed to it, the means of consumption is inconvenient (and therefore requiring a considered thought process, deliberate intent) – rather than the current paradigm in which men, children and adolescents are able to mainline it into their consciousness on a whim.

Imagine a world in which fewer men were addicted to content that dehumanizes women.

I think in this world, with these and other measured approaches sorted out, the issue of violence against woman will be able to take on far greater meaning, and in a generation or two may even begin a dramatic and desperately needed turnaround.

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