Machine Economics

There is a kind of simplified mentality revealing that machines cost far less money to deploy than their human counterparts.  This makes good economic sense for business.  Yet there’s a lingering characteristic of machines that never quite factors into the equation.  Machines do not get paid.  That is to say, they have zero purchasing power.  The result of this, it would seem, is that they are unlikely to spend any amount of money, anywhere, in any other sector of the economy… ever.  Which leads me to wonder if this doesn’t, or shouldn’t, at least in some ways alter the calculus of production/distribution/logistics (even service where it applies) especially if we’re thinking in more holistic economic terms.

Is it possible that we even need to think in terms of human/machine parity, or societal equilibrium?  Does the notion of an Unconditional Basic Income have merit in the rapidly emerging socio-economic paradigm?

There’s another thing.  They don’t pay taxes either, machines.  Of course, I’m sure that little nuance can be gotten around by other means in good time.

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