The Practice of Shark “Finning”

Familiar with a little dish called Shark Fin Soup?  Ever wonder what happens to the – shark – after its fin has been “removed?”  Picture a shark that’s just had its fin cut off and it’s just been tossed back into a bloody patch of sea.  Now, it can’t swim properly, it can’t seek out a mate to reproduce…it will soon drown, or succumb to predators (other than humans).  This is what we do to sharks, by the score, every day.  And to put it in perspective Joe Chernov has solicited the help of Robin Richards in assembling the following infographic, that compares at a glance the number of people killed per year by sharks, versus the number of sharks killed by people per hour.

Below is but the uppermost tip of the infographic.  Click the image to see the entire thing.


I’ve long been a fan of the 1975 film Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg.  But that movie, while it makes for a thrilling movie-going experience, delves well into the realm of science fiction.  The message for our time, rather than “Beware of Sharks” is a much more desperate one: “Save the Sharks”  …Before we decimate not only an entire species, but the numerous ecosystems that rely on their presence.

For more information on the movement to ban Shark Finning:

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  1. I’m all for taking care of the earth of which God has made us (humans) stewards. Banning finning may very well be a wise and kind action. Both stewardship of the earth and kindness to animals are clearly advocated in Scripture. In the interest of maintaining perspective, however, I also want to mention that there is a significant portion of our modern culture that elevates the created above the level of the Creator. This group of people often makes its case for environmental protection and care for animals on the basis that humans are no more valuable than anything else in creation. Any single human soul represented on that little picture is worth more than all the other creatures in the universe could ever be worth. A graphic such as the item above may tend to promote an incorrect view of creation. Again, I am in no way disagreeing with you on this point. I simply wish to be a voice of caution. I always appreciate your conscientious approach to issues.

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