Chain of Command

Military folks are probably familiar with one of those public display ‘Chain of Command’ charts, which usually start as a list (toward the bottom) ending up with a photograph of the President at the top.  I’m sure civilian Federal agencies have something similar.  It’s a helpful device because it reminds viewers at a glance:

a) where they fit in the scheme of things


b) to whom even their superiors are accountable

But unless these charts have been modified in recent years I’m here to declare a flaw in their construct, because the person at the top of the chart isn’t supposed to be a General or a Secretary of Defense, a Congressperson or the President…Presiding at the very top of the Chain of Command, whatever the structure of the particular Federal Organization (Defense or otherwise), is the American People.  Any Chain of Command chart that omits this authority contains a fundamental error that needs to be rectified.

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