On Moral Constitution

You want to know how to better read men?  I’ll tell you one way…

This one’s simple.  Watch out for the man who feigns revulsion at seductiveness.  What for?  Because very few healthy, heterosexual men are actually put off by female seductiveness.  It’s only a question of what we do when it’s offered, directly or passively.  There are always rare exceptions sure.  But generally, you see a man behaving as if he’s put off by sensuality and chances are he’s not entirely healthy, not entirely heterosexual, or (more likely) not living up to his supposed moral code.  All people falter, but one has to be pragmatic about the society in which they live, not to mention our natural tendencies as fallible human beings.


Afterthought:  We are, of course, only talking about men who, in the first place, have set out to uphold some standard of moral disposition toward women and girls.  Those who live according to amorality and latent misogyny don’t factor here.

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