Christianity: A Position Statement

This is a re-post from July 2011, inspired by current events in Egypt and Libya, which appear to be indicative of an ongoing trend in U.S. foreign relations (as it relates to matters of faith and freedom of expression)

People of the world. We understand that many different people will respond in many different ways to our faith, and the person of Jesus Christ.  No matter your initial or individual response to Christianity, Christians respect your right:

  • To reject Jesus Christ and all that He stands for¹
  • To comment publicly on our faith and the manner in which it is practiced
  • To disrespect the name of Jesus Christ, the text of our Holy Scripture along with its physical iterations, and our faith²
  • To practice any faith of your choosing, even one which is openly hostile to ours
  • To reject outright all matters of faith or adherence to any form of religious observation
  • To establish or support non-Theocratic governments, so long as those governments respect and uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including especially Article 18.³

In addition to understanding our position on these points, know also that although there will always be fringe elements (in any religion) that insist otherwise, these are matters which the credible majority of Christendom agree to as naturally following from our faith, comprised primarily from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, as found in the canonized New Testament.


1-Though we hope that at some point in your life you will make at least a half-hearted attempt to understand who Jesus was (even if, once in a while, some of us do a poor job at being His ambassador).

2-Though, it hurts when you do, and we wish you would make the conscious decision not to.

3-We even respect your right to support Authoritarian Theocracies, as many exist today…but hope you won’t.

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