Pocket Politicians

It seems to me that what we need in this country (the United States) is a website about who politicians are really working for.  I suggest “Pocket Politicians.”  I’m sure there are already resources out there that, with a little digging, one might deduce an accurate answer to the question.  But what I’m really talking about here is something much more focused and visually oriented.  The entire structure and methodology of course would need to strive for non-partisanship to the best of its ability with whatever safety checks need to be built in.  But here’s what visitors would see.  On the left side of the screen the top (or most recent) “Pocket Politicians” with a neutral photo of the person, their name, state and party affiliation.  The photo is sticking out of a pocket and the pocket brandishes the logos of the corporations that ostensibly ‘own’ (at least for the moment) this political player.

Hold that thought.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the screen are displayed the top (or most recent) “Genuine Representatives of the People.”  There are no pockets.  Only a photo of the politician along with their name, state and party affiliation.  This category identifies elected representatives who can be vetted in a way that shows, probably based on their voting record and/or contributions to various legislation, a tendency to place themselves behind things that clearly support or protect American citizens, rather than the exclusive interests of American (or Foreign) Corporations.

Over the course of time individuals may be moved from one side to the other based on their behavior and overall job performance.

What’s the goal?  Simple:  Contribute to healthy democracy by infusing more accountability into the process.  If you are an elected representative [of the people] (by the way corporations are not people no matter what the books say) then you should rightly be expected to remain accountable for whom you serve.  The ongoing question at stake is, “Based on your voting behavior and overall contribution to the job, who’s interests are you really serving?”  And the rest of us should be able to visit a relatively credible website to see at-a-glance what the majority evidence indicates.

The tactic of Pocket Politicians is no great mystery.  It’s an organization that employs in equal parts a combination of public ridicule and public praise in order to hold politicians accountable to what they should already be doing – protecting and supporting American citizens, whose interests should always…always take precedence over the interests of corporations.

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  1. Until you take money out of the equation, all else is relatively futile. The focus needs to be on campaign contribution reform including doing away with super-pacs and other special interest groups. If you check the list of top political contributors, you’ll find the biggest on both sides of the aisle is large corporations, particularly Wall Street. It’s no wonder that the Secretary of the Treasury always has ties to Goldman Sachs.

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