Filtering Advice

Advice can be an immensely valuable thing.  Someone else has done it or lived it…or endured it, and they have something valuable to say on the matter.  Often, the thing – be it a tip or a nugget of wisdom – is of great value.  But then, I have observed another aspect of advice.  It seems a lot of people, when they give out advice (especially when it is too eagerly dispensed or personal gain is at stake) what they are really saying is, Here’s what I did and how I did it and you should too.

Well, the short of it is…maybe not.  Who is this person anyway?  Are they someone I admire?  Did I solicit the advice?  Even if both answers are positive (I admire this person and I wanted their advice), is it really good for me or my situation?

I think we often give too much equal weight to advice, without applying some [perhaps worthwhile] filters.  It may not follow that just because this person was successful at something, and did it in such-and-such a way, that it will work for you or me.  In fact, it may come to light with a bit of thinking on it, that whatever the result it still isn’t a good idea.  That is, probably there’s a better way to approach or tackle this issue than the method offered.

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