Changing the Subject

There’s an ongoing dialog between principally two camps: those who support the widespread production and consumption of pornography and those who reject pornography on the grounds that it is wrong and unhealthy.  Let’s call them ‘Pro-Porn’ and ‘Pornography Rejectionists.’

The Pro-Porn camp uses an unsophisticated toolkit of argument to justify its position in society.  One of the most oft-cited claims from this camp is the assertion that:

Pornography Rejectionism = Opposed to sex

Not only is this a thoroughly weak proposition, since there is a huge disparity between healthy, consensual sex and the acts typically carried out in pornography, but far too many of those sitting on the fence take this argument with little consideration.  For my part, I’d like to make something explicitly clear.

I totally, definitely love sex.  I adore foreplay, flirting, touching, kissing, sensuality and lovemaking.  Sex is without a doubt one of the greatest pleasures of all time.  And if I may be so bold as to speak on behalf of the Rejectionism camp I shall declare now that we wholeheartedly endorse that wonderful activity which, in the English language is referred to as “sex.”

At the same time, this love of sex, including many aspects that surround (and lead up to) it, does not prevent us from taking the simple (and surprisingly straightforward) position that pornography: is mostly about the gross degradation and manipulation of women and girls.  Therefore it is wrong, unhealthy and should be rejected.

So when you hear members of the Pro-Porn camp try to characterize the Rejectionist camp as being ‘opposed to sex,’ you may rightly view this as a weak attempt at changing the subject.  Because the debate over pornography’s place in society is not one about whether or not sex is good.  It is about the way in which pornography characterizes our women and girls, and the effects that consumption has on the mentality and subsequent behavior of our men and boys.

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As it happens, one does not have to be a “religious person” to be a Pornography Rejectionist

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