Don’t Give Up

Four years ago (…has it been four years already?) I wrote a short post that remains, to this day, one of the most visited posts on this blog.  Which makes me think there are a lot of people out there who are really struggling, hurting, maybe at their wit’s end.  I just wanted to take a minute to tell you again, from my heart…

…Whoever you are, wherever you are, please hang in there.  I can’t possibly begin to imagine what your individual circumstances are or even understand the level of pain and anguish you suffer (or the difficulties you endure).  All I can say is when it comes to feeling like this world is just too much, it’s just too much…I have been there.  Because let’s be honest, there’s a lot of evil and misery in this world and it’s carried out by people who hate themselves and feel angry at the injustices in their own life (or they’re just plain cruel and selfish) and they want to make sure everyone else suffers as much as possible.  Sometimes, it’s really hard to live in a world like that, when so many of these kinds of people are in it and they find ways of affecting our lives.

Well, I’m not going to ramble on about it because whatever the factors that have brought you to this dreadful quagmire of despair I just want you to know that in many ways – even if your circumstances are totally unique – you’re not alone.  Because out there, right now in this very moment there are all kinds of people feeling very much (or at least pretty close) to the way you’re feeling now and they too are probably wondering if it’s possible that anyone else could possibly understand what this is like.  And like you, these many other persons with their pain and hurt and heartache are probably wishing that just one decent soul could reach out to them and understand them and give some comfort (not wanting anything in return for it).

I’m sure I don’t have all the answers or the solutions to your pain and troubles.  All I can offer you in this moment is the knowledge that someone out there is (in some small way) thinking of you now and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart,

“Please, don’t give up.  There is love and goodness in this world.  Sometimes though is seems hidden from us…unreachable.  But trust me, it’s there, out there.  And it will find you.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow or the next day.  But it’s there and it does exist and don’t try to think too far ahead.  Try to keep yourself together and if you can muster it, regardless of your personal beliefs or worldview, consider to take a moment and pray.  Maybe an answer will come.  Maybe it won’t.  Maybe you’ll hear a voice speak to your heart.  Maybe there will only be silence.  But, if you’re sincere about it, how much could it hurt?”

Or, if that’s just not going to happen.  Or you feel like you’re not ready to talk to God or maybe you’re still angry with Him.  That’s ok.  Instead, take a moment and allow yourself to recognize that right now, in this moment, there are many others feeling similar to the way you do.  Let your mind and your broken heart reach out to them and imagine that they are doing the same, and let yourself feel the connection.  And then realize that you really aren’t alone; you’re not the only one who feels like they just can’t go on (or the pain or the struggle is just too much).  Sometimes it’s so hard to connect with people (believe me I know), plus there’s the danger of being vulnerable.  I understand.  But even if there isn’t someone to relate to immediately, physically, I have no doubt that in any given moment across the expanse of the world and the seven billion people who share it, someone right now is probably thinking about, wondering if anyone else out there could possibly relate to what they’re going through and the answer is most assuredly yes.  And no matter how far the distance that separates us, we can at least connect with one another in mind and spirit and feel, even for a fleeting moment that we really aren’t alone.

Don’t give up.  Someone cares about you.  You matter.  Someone loves you.  We do.

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