Stinky Poop Smell

Everybody poops.  It’s a fact.  But what many adults seem not to catch on to, is that the impact of one’s poop session is easily mitigated.  It’s simple really…If you’re going to be on the toilet for a while then go ahead and flush (yes, while sitting there) shortly after the initial expulsion.  Not only does this enable the final flush to go more smoothly, but it significantly reduces the level of stinky poop smell that others may otherwise have to endure.

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  1. Where do you stand on the light-a-match theory?

  2. Well, I’m no expert, but doubt very much that anything approaches the effectiveness of a timely ‘first-out-flush.’ Of course there are the little secondary things: light a match, deodorizer spray, turn the vent on before sitting down. Is a match any more effective than deodorizer spray? Not sure. Does it work well enough? I think so.

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