Are you an aspiring Crony?

It occurred to me in a non-epiphany that there are people in this world who, though they probably haven’t articulated it in their minds, aspire to be someone’s crony.  I’m speaking of course about the evil-oriented connotation of the word.  And the part that strikes me is this can’t possibly be an aspiration from early childhood.  Think asking a child what they want to be when they grow up and few are likely to boldly declare, “I wanna be a crony!”  Yet, some children will indeed grow up and reach a point in their lives where, somewhere along the way, they develop the desire to latch onto some nefarious person (usually someone of wealth and power) to be – in essence – that individual’s crony.

What’s the trigger?  When does the moment happen?  How far then must this person journey…from their previous aspiration, to becoming a power-monger’s henchman?  After all, one cannot spontaneously be transformed (poof!) into a crony.  Can they?

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