All About Eve

In the history of cinema there may be but a select handful of films from which a certain class of people stand to benefit.  This is surely one of them.  To whom do I refer when I say “class of people” you ask?  In this case, let me say…the wives of the world.  No.  Scratch that; I’ll change it to the well-meaning, doting husbands of the world.  Yes, that’s the group, many of whom I think might benefit from seeing an engrossing movie about a small group of friends who happen to carve their living out of show business.  Of course most ‘movie buffs’ will likely already have seen this film, so it is not to that group I write.  But to everyday moviegoers who don’t mind seeing an older, so-called, black & white film, so long as it’s ‘good enough…’  Well, if you’re capable of appreciating fairly superb writing, supported by acting and directing in equal measures then, well, All About Eve (1950, Directed by Joseph Mankiewicz) may qualify.  Although, do yourself a favor…

…Don’t try to learn anything about the movie beforehand.  Whatever you may already know is probably too much.  Don’t search for any reviews or plot synopses.  Don’t look it up on imdb.  Don’t ask anyone about it.  Simply, find a way and watch it.  This likely won’t be the “best” movie you’ve ever seen, which isn’t to say it isn’t well made (for it is).  Just, the writers, producers and director [with much help from the cast] have managed to capture something with this film, something that speaks to human nature (and certain kinds of persons) in a totally evocative way.  I won’t say any more than that.

Oh.  And for other film suggestions, in case you’re interested, my full list can be found HERE.

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