The U.S. and China

If there was ever to be an insightful, contemporary discussion on the relationship between The United States and China, this is it:

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

Don’t be too taken in by the title [of the article] as this is really more about the current, widespread perception on the decline of America with respect to the ‘rise of China.’  Rather than a one-way argument from writer to reader what you’ll get here is a three-way dialog between Daniel W. Drezner, Gideon Rachman, and Robert Kagan – three contributors who bring their own long-term views on the U.S./China relationship to the discussion.

If you’re interested to see where this important relationship may be headed in the next twenty years (and beyond), and its implications on the longstanding U.S. led International Order, then I can’t recommend enough hearing what these guys have to say.

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