Holding Back

…for yourself and others

If you are happy, I mean truly happy (as in happily married or happily paired up and not lonely or longing desperately for a decent healthy relationship) then do try not to flaunt it too much in front of others.  There are a lot of lonely, unhappy (or relationally dissatisfied) people in the world and they really don’t need to have others reminding them how great a good relationship can be.  I think most people get this without help.  And besides, to go out of the way to make sure the whole world knows how happy – and not at all lonely – you are is just well, in poor taste.  If you want to be kind to the rest of the world, consider holding back a bit.

Now, having established this, we can probably safely assume that those sorts of folks who seem to go out of their way to make sure everyone else knows how “happy” they are (in their such-and-such relationship) are probably faking it…

…at least to some degree [I’ll wager].

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