Consistency of Faith

Just about every person follows a faith, not a religion per se, but a faith of one kind or another.  You are a person of faith if you [genuinely] believe in the tenants of a religion, for which some moral code is ascribed.  You are a person of faith if you believe, definitely that God does not exist.  For to make the assertion:  ‘There is no God’ rests ultimately on faith.  Even relativists (who adjust their belief system typically based on whoever else is in the room at the time) are, in their own way, persons of faith.  But what is also true of most people is that it is difficult…actually, impossible to live consistently according to one’s chosen moral code.  I don’t think any person (unless they were profoundly special in some way) has ever managed it.  It’s an interesting thought because although many of us want others to see truth as we do, we are all doomed to fail in setting an example, that is in living up to the highest ideal of that faith, which influences our worldview.

Richard Wurmbrand, while imprisoned in Communist Romania, had some useful observations on this as well…

…So we learn that the Communists are putting more and more of their own people in prison.  These are men who have sinned against Communist ethics, against the rules of the Party.  The Communists also have their moral code.  It demands full obedience to the Party line.  Everyone acknowledges a moral code.  Thieves share fairly what they have stolen together.  Torturers hold it their duty to be ruthless against the class enemy.  And everyone disobeys his moral law.  It is a fact that Goering, the killer of millions of Jews, saved the life of one Jewish family.  He was not loyal to his anti-Semitism.  Our guards sometimes do us some little favor, or disobey the Party line in some other manner, just as Christians accept the Christian standard, but sin in one manner or another.  Nobody can avoid sin.  Even if a man’s religion were the devil’s own, with the firm decision to commit every mortal sin daily, he would sometimes have a moment of weakness and allow one possible victim to escape.  So he would sin against his religion.

With God in Solitary Confinement, Living Sacrifice Book Company (1969)

If you stop to consider it, there are many possible implications for our inherent inability to live fully consistently with our chosen faith (or according to our own moral code).  I only can say, for my part, that I hope I succeed in doing so more often than I fail.  Because I for one have so many times failed to live up to the standards set by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  No one will ever fully live up to their faith, but I think it is possible to observe and with careful scrutiny determine among the disingenuous masses, which persons appear to be the ‘genuine article.’

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