To many urbanites and apartment dwellers gardening seems out-of-reach, something reserved for homeowners and community gardeners.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth.  As the global population continues to increase (often clustering in tightly packed urban settings) and environmental/sustainability concerns become ever more pressing, personal, small-scale gardening has gained relevance not only as a hobby, but a legitimate aspect of 21st Century lifestyle.  The latest trendsetters in the self-sufficiency movement are Windowfarmers, and they’re using new innovations along with web-based collaboration as a method for taking hydroponics to a new – more accessible – level.  What do you need to grow a healthy, organic garden in the comfort your own small living space?  It turns out not much.  You don’t even need that messy soil stuff.  With help and tutorials, videos, walkthroughs and plenty of support, Windowfarmers the world over can help you get your own home-grown vegetable garden up and thriving in no time.

Of course hydroponics isn’t the only solution for small spaces.  If you have even a small patio or balcony, a more conventional square-foot garden is another option.

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