Shifting Consciousness

The 21st Century was when the West embraced depravity… …and the rest were soon to follow.

With so many of us caught up in the torrent of pornography there is a thing that is slowly dying and fading from our collective consciousness.  Can you guess what it is?  Self Esteem… innocence… our sense of humanity and decency?  Those too perhaps, but those aren’t the only thing.  Do people know what it is to Make Love anymore.  Sex, not just a mechanism for twisted pleasure, perversion, the degradation of self or others (or social norms).  But instead, as a mere facet of deep intimacy used for greater closeness to someone with whom we are In Love.  Have you ever been In Love with someone?  Have you ever Made Love to another person?  Is isn’t the same as having sex, something that has mostly become a recreational pastime.  It’s altogether different, and the means to achieve it are so much greater and by no means attainable On-Demand.  You can’t force it on someone else or extract it through coercion.  And while the greater part of Western culture (and much of the rest of the world) continues to conform to the empty pornographic version of sex, the delicate conditions for Making Love to another person slowly melts into the memory of humanity’s existence.

Pornography.  There’s no pointing in even avoiding the subject anymore.  All are affected, or consumed, or consumers.  Adults and children.  Families, individuals, couples.  Secularists, religious people, atheists and people of faith.  Common people, distinguished professionals, wealthy or poor.  Actively, or at some point in the past, nearly every person in “modern” society has engaged in the production or consumption of pornography — and ‘pornography’ itself is much more than just nudity.  Show me a person who feigns ignorance to this fact and I’ll show you a liar (or someone who doesn’t even realize the extent of their good fortune).  What have we become?  I weep for this generation of living souls, and what we continue to do with ourselves, and our women and our children.  Are you one of the countless persons caught up in the consumption and production of pornography?  That’s just it; the numbers are nearly meaningless and the manner in which our culture continues to be changed by it is approaching irreversible… or so it seems from the current vantage point.  In looking to gauge the breadth and scope of it all the only thing left to do is to separate the honest people from those in denial – many of whom foolishly believe they can hide their consumption (which is likely also an addiction).

Do you think you’re some kind of rebel because you flaunt your addiction?  You’re not.  People like you have already become the norm.  You’re just another empty shell aimlessly roaming the face of the earth, raging and consuming and (in some cases) preying on whatever crosses your path.  You’re not a rebel.  You’re just, lost.  To be a rebel in the modern age demands a much greater kind of strength…the strength and determination to resist descending into depravity.  The rebels of the 21st Century won’t be those who defy the conventions of Judeo-Christian values.  That era has already passed.  Didn’t you know?  The era of Christianity as culture is behind us.  It lingers only within the confines of certain persistent sub-cultures, remnants of the past.  The rebels of the 21st Century will know full well what pornography is all about, have an informed perspective on its pervasiveness and acceptance, yet still make the conscious decision to exclude it from their lives.  To what are they rebelling against?  The new norm.  Pop culture and all that it has embraced.  And relativism.  And these will be the battered and bruised among us because their decision to move against the tide will entail a lifelong struggle, filled with trips and falls and having to pick themselves up, dust off their conscience, and continue the never-ending struggle toward [some semblance of] purity.  It is already impossible for any of us to achieve innocence and purity.

Are you one of the girls (women)?  There are so many of you.  Has any adult female in a western culture actually managed to avoid the snare that the rest of us have woven – with the strands of desire and lust and depravity?  Consider it a small miracle if you have and cherish the position you now find yourself in.  To know that somehow you escaped the nearly inevitable faced by nearly every other child and girl and woman in our society.  Do you think I exaggerate?  Then either I am delusional or you are clueless.  Those who are honest, and brave enough to open their eyes and look around, know which is the case.  But what of the rest of you?  Those who are or have been caught up in the snare, read this post here.  I wrote it for you.  Despite what they tell you (and what you might tell yourself) you’re no worse than the rest of us, the consumers or, in too many unfortunate cases, those who are quick to condemn.  Did you hear what I said?  You’re no worse and the rest of us are no better.  We’re all in this together.  Equals.  Equally in need of something better, something that brings life and meaning to our brief existence, and the way we’ve silently eliminated decency.  It’s possible.  For anyone.  For you.

Someone out there is in great pain.  You’re screaming inside.  The insanity of reality consumes your mind.  You’re not alone feeling this way.  Like a virus it tries to convince your consciousness that you’ve crossed over the ‘point of no return.’  It may already even have convinced you.  I don’t have the strength or the power to help you.  I am weak.  But every once in a while some small bit of strength emerges… to reach out.  Allow me to connect, if only for a moment, with your heart and your soul, those things which matter and live no matter whatever has been done with your body.  I’m here to tell you that there is no such thing as a ‘point of no return.’  It’s a fabrication.  A myth.  And the journey to even a semi-normal state of existence, of consciousness, is almost never a one-way trip.  It is filled with stumbles and falls and traps and scrapes, scorn and hatred and laughter.  Understand and know that to be on the journey itself is the thing that matters… that you’re determined to at least keep trying to push forward through the muck and abuse and self-depreciating torture.  Only keep pushing forward.  Please listen to me.  You’re not alone in this world, and you are not unloved.  Someone does love you.  And they want nothing from you but only to love you.  Because you matter.

This is the reality of the Internet Age, coupled with an industry that continues to exist virtually free from regulation.

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