The Rose (is You)

Today’s song is one that possibly an entire generation has never heard.  And, I can’t say for sure, but I sense that someone out there needs to hear this…a young woman, a teenager enduring a great trial, a recent divorcee or someone suffering through a loss deeper than words; you’re coping with a sadness that can’t be quenched, maybe pain or loneliness…or despair.

Whoever you are, I wish I had the words to give you comfort and to ease your pain.  I can only say that my spirit reaches out to you, hoping that you’ll pull through this and discover for the first time…or again, the beauty within you.  You are beautiful.  There is comfort.  The wounds can heal…It may take time.  Loneliness isn’t fate.  There is someone special just for you.  They may be thinking about you right now and not even know that the someone they’re longing for is right where you are.  You are special.  Someone loves you.  Don’t despair.  It’s ok to cry.  Be comforted.  May your heart and your soul find comfort (even if only for a moment) right now.  Be at peace.  Allow yourself to hope…even if only just a little.  There is room for hope, even in the darkness.  You are loved.  You are valuable and precious, even if others have tried to use you and make you feel worthless.  You are so much more than just a body.  The essence of who you are cannot be taken by force or touched without your consent.  Take my hand for a moment and let us close our eyes, and know that someone is thinking about you now…and cares about you.  You matter.  Don’t give in to the despair.  It’s just for a moment.  You are beautiful, and special.

Today’s song is: The Rose, performed by Bette Midler.  Writing credit goes to Amanda McBroom.

Thank you both for a piece of music that has touched so many lives in such a meaningful way.

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