The Third Jihad

I sit here…now…in front of the computer.  I am trying to think of the words.  How can I put into words the thoughts going through my mind.  I doubt it will happen all at once.  I think it will take some days to process and put into perspective the significance of the information presented in this film.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Wayne Kopping, Raphael Shore and Erick Werth (et al.) have put together a film that is impactful and contemporary in the most immediate sense of the word.  If it were ever possible in just over the span of an hour for something to change one’s entire outlook on current events – not just abroad – but here at home, then this (captivating, extraordinarily engaging) documentary will do it.  To put it another way, it is possible that the next 71 minutes could significantly alter your view of the world, in terms of politics, nationalism and the genuine frailty of liberty and democracy, which we will no doubt soon discover are too easily taken for granted.  But first, a few words of caution.

If you are prone to fear, paranoia or bouts of irrational hatred…please do not watch this film.

If you are prone to or presently struggling with depression then…please, do not watch this film.

If you have young children or any family member who may not be capable of coping with extremely heavy content matter…please do not watch this film with them.

On the other hand, if you are educated, analytical, seeking to understand the underlying dynamics of political and social processes in Europe and America, then it would be a mistake not to consider the information (and video footage) presented.

As I continue to digest this information and collect my thoughts, here are a few takeaways that come foremost to mind:

1) The United States of America (its government and citizenry) needs to drastically reduce consumption of foreign oil.

2) We will have to stand up and most likely fight to protect our freedom; but while doing so we must never respond to hatred with hatred.  Striking a healthy balance will not be easy.

3) To the Muslims of the world who embrace this ideology I say this, “A person can be conquered and subjugated, but his/her spirit and soul and secret thoughts hidden deep within remain protected (forever) even unto death.  Is not there even one passage of your scripture that speaks of extending a hand of friendship or ‘Love’ to those who do not share your beliefs?”

Watch Instantly on SnagFilms – The Third Jihad

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