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Just a quick post for those getting this through an RSS feed.  One of my earliest, original “Favorites” lists has received a long overdue update.  Several new entries have been dropped into the Windows XP Software list, two of which I’d like to give a special mention.  Most work in recent versions of Windows as well.

SoftMaker FreeOffice, from a very talented team of developers, is a fully functional office suite that rivals my previous favorite, MS Office XP (2002).  Both are similar in performance with the main difference that SoftMaker FreeOffice also happens to be really lite and snappy, supports Open Document Format (so you don’t have to worry about aging file formats), features a brilliantly elegant interface and is now – just recently – 100% free.  Oh, and it also runs on both Windows and Ubuntu.  If you don’t much care for the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on an Office package, and weren’t satisfied with the performance of OpenOffice, then I highly recommend giving SoftMaker FreeOffice a try.

1by1 is a unique, thoroughly streamlined, audio player by Martin Pesch.  Rather than trying to handle everything (as most media players do) this one stays focused on a single task – to play audio files directly from whatever folder they happen to be sitting in.  What does this mean for the user?  Well, assuming your music files are well-organized, say, by genre or artist, you no longer have to worry about creating and maintaining ‘playlists.’  1by1 goes directly to the source and plays all of the audio tracks right from the source directory, either in order or sorted randomly.  I’ve been using it for months now and it’s easily the best audio player I’ve ever worked with.  Great job Martin.

To both developers, Thanks for making it free.

For the gamers out there, especially those who are into Retro gaming, you may be interested in two of my more recent lists:

Arcade Games is a compilation of the most memorable arcade games of my youth (including a few from later years).

Video Games is a more comprehensive collection of the most memorable (commercially released) games I’ve ever played.

Both offer a comprehensive view toward some of the most important, noteworthy video games in all of gaming history.

Companion lists include:

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